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How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram
3 Ways to Find out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram
Instagram has become a vital platform for connecting with friends and family. One question that often crosses users' minds is, "Who unfollowed me?" Understanding how to identify those who have unfollowed you on Instagram can provide valuable insights into your social media profile. If you have ever wondered how to know if someone unfollowed you on instagram, read the rest of this article.
Trending Articles in AnyControl
Top Trending Articles in AnyControl Blog
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How to Find Out Who Owns an Instagram Account
How to Identify Instagram Account Owner | Find Fake Page’s Owner with This Method
With the increasing use of social media platforms like Instagram, the desire to know and identify the account owners has also increased. Someone may have followed you and you want to know who it is or even seek to identify the owner of a fake Instagram account. In this article, we have reviewed different methods to find and identify the owner of Instagram accounts. So if you want to know how to find out who is behind a fake page and owns the account, read the rest of this article.
How to View WhatsApp Stories Without Being Seen
How to View WhatsApp Stories Without Being Seen
You have definitely used or heard about WhatsApp by now. A messenger that works as a bridge between you and different people across the world, and with about 2 billion active users, it is known as one of the most popular messaging applications in the digital world today. Like Instagram and Facebook, Meta also owns WhatsApp. WhatsApp status feature is similar to Instagram stories and allows users to share text, photo and video. Sometimes it happens that we want to see someone's WhatsApp status without them knowing, but how can you view WhatsApp story secretly? Read this article to find out.
Simple Ways To Fix Telegram Report
How to Exit from Telegram Report | Simple & Fast Methods
Telegram is highly secure. The messenger focuses on protecting its users' privacy. Telegram allows you to report accounts. When you are reported, some features will not work for you. If you are looking for an immediate solution to exit the Telegram report, read the rest of this article. But first, we need to know what it means to be reported on Telegram. In this article, we are going to learn how to fix the Telegram report and exit it quickly.
How to Change your Gmail Account Password
How to Change Gmail Password in Mobile and Computer
Ensuring the security of your online accounts, especially google accounts, is paramount. One of the most critical steps in maintaining your online security is regularly updating your passwords. In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple process of changing your Gmail password on both mobile devices and computers.
How To Recover Deleted Text Messages
SMS Recovery: How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android and IOS
In today's digital age, text messages play a crucial role in our daily communication. Deleting and losing SMS messages can be distressing in some cases. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, it's possible to recover deleted text messages on both Android and iOS devices. Read the rest of this article to learn how.
How to Change your WhatsApp Account Number
How to Change WhatsApp Number on Android and IOS
You may plan to use WhatsApp with a new phone number. In this case, you may face the challenge of transferring information. How to change WhatsApp number? What happens when you change your WhatsApp account number? Fears of losing contacts, chats, or data can concern users when deciding to change Whatsapp number. With the right knowledge and guidance, this transition can be smooth and hassle-free. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of changing your WhatsApp number.
hide your mobile number in the Telegram application
How to Hide Your Phone Number on Telegram App
Maybe you are one of those who don't like to share their mobile number on Telegram. Telegram's development team unveiled a feature that allows users to hide their phone number so that no one, even contacts, can see it. With the ability to hide phone numbers in Telegram, you can further protect your privacy and prevent any disturbances that may occur. In this article, we are going to discuss how to completely hide a mobile number in Telegram.
where are drafts on instagram android and ios
How to Save and Delete Draft on Instagram Story, Posts and Reels
Draft is one of the useful tools that you can use to prepare your content, but not publish it, and schedule them for future publication. But the question is, where is Instagram's save draft or how can you access Draft? Sometimes we may even stop publishing our posts, stories or reels, and now how can we delete the Instagram draft?
How to Disable Telegram Stories
How to Hide/Disable Telegram Story on Android and IOS
You probably also have people in your contact list that you may not know or are not interested in seeing their stories. Now the question is, how should you disable Telegram stories? Or even vice versa, if you intend to publish a story only for a certain group of people, how can you hide your stories on Telegram? Read the rest of this article to learn more about how to hide and disable Telegram stories.
blocking in telegram
How to Know If You are Blocked on Telegram
You may not want a certain person to text or call you on Telegram. People may disturb you by sending annoying messages on this messenger. By using Telegram's blocking feature, they will no longer be able to communicate with you. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the simple steps of blocking someone in Telegram so that you can take control of your messaging experience. We will also teach you how to find out if you have been blocked in Telegram and review the signs of being blocked in this messenger.
not loading stories on insta
Instagram Stories Not Loading | 9 Methods to Fix
Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform that is used by many users of different ages. One of the most popular features in this application is Story feature (Instagram Stories). Story is actually a temporary shared content and will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. In this troubleshooting guide, we will discuss the common reasons behind Instagram Stories failing to load and provide step-by-step instructions to resolve these issues.
best parental control apps
The Best Parental Control Apps for Android and iOS in 2024
Children are increasingly immersed in the digital world. While technology offers countless benefits, it also comes with risks and challenges. With the ever-expanding number of devices and platforms available to young users and teenagers, parents are turning to tools and apps that enable them to monitor, manage, and protect their children's online activities. That is why using a parental control app has become indispensable tools for safeguarding children’s online experiences.
recover google account
How to Recover Google Account and Gmail Password Without Backup
If you find yourself locked out of your Google account or you have forgotten your Gmail password, this article provides a step-by-step guide on how to recover your Google account. But what if you have not set any recovery email address or phone number? Is it possible to recover gmail password without phone number? Read the rest to explore the various methods offered by Google to recover your account and gmail password.
change email on insta
How to Change Email on Instagram Without Password and Logging in
Instagram is a popular social media platform with about two billion active users across the globe. These days, there is hardly anyone who does not have an Instagram account and does not use it. You can register a phone number and email for your Instagram account or even after adding email to Instagram, change or delete them for any reason. In this article we are going to learn how to change email on Instagram or delete your email from your account.
download instagram reels
How to Download Instagram Reels on Android & iPhone
Instagram's reels feature has been created to create and share short videos. Since the introduction of reels in 2020, they have become one of the most popular and attractive content types on Instagram. Have you ever liked a reel so much that you wanted to download and keep it or even share it somewhere else? In this article, we will teach you how to download Instagram reels.
Recover Instagram Direct messages
Recover Instagram Direct messages | How to Read Deleted Insta DMs?
Have you ever wanted to recover deleted Instagram messages or read DMs that your kids or loved ones have deleted? There are some methods that you can use to recover Instagram direct messages.Generally, Instagram collects all your data and activities, including messages, posts you view or like, and comment on. In this article, we will explain to you how to read deleted Instagram messages and recover them. No matter if you are an Android or iPhone user, you can recover deleted Instagram messages by following instructions mentioned in this article.
Instagram Quite Mode
Instagram Quite Mode: How to Turn It On and Use It
Instagram has rolled out a lot of new features over the past few months, many of which have raised questions about how they work. Quiet mode is a relatively new feature released by Instagram to "help reduce the number of notifications a user receives while helping to overcome smartphone addiction." So if you see a small crescent moon icon under the profile name in the direct inbox, it means that the user has turned on quiet mode. Read the rest of this article to learn more about Instagram's moon mode and find out how to turn it on.
How to Post Close Friends Post on Instagram
How to Post Close Friends Post on Instagram
Instagram Close Friends allows users to publish content privately and share it only with those they want to. If you want some of your shared media to be seen only by close friends and specific people, you should use Instagram's close friend feature. It was first only for Story. Now the possibility of posting for close friends has also been added to the platform. You can publish posts and Instagram Reels only to users on your Close Friends list.
recover telegram deleted messages
How to Recover Telegram Deleted Messages on Android and iPhone
Telegram has emerged as a popular choice for millions around the globe. Whether it's an important piece of information, memories, or essential business communication, the loss of Telegram messages can be annoying. In this article, we will explore various methods that can help you recover deleted Telegram messages. So if you are interested make sure to read this article to the end.
instagram your activity
Instagram's Your Activity Feature Full Guide
Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of users around the world. The main reason for this popularity is the continuous improvement in adding new and exciting features. It might be interesting for some people to know how much time they have spent browsing Instagram pages and liking posts, making stories, posting, etc. Read the rest of this article to learn more.
blocked on whatsapp
How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp
WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of daily communication all around the world. If you have ever found yourself wondering whether you have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp, read this article. We are going to explore the signs that indicate you might have been blocked on WhatsApp messenger. From disappearing profile pictures to elusive message statuses, we uncover the digital clues that can help you figure out the mystery of being blocked on WhatsApp.
Turn Off Active Status Instagram
How to Turn Off Instagram Active Status and Hide Last Seen
Instagram's "Activity Status" feature allows your followers to know when you're online or active on Instagram. While this can be a great way to interact with your friends and followers, you may prefer to maintain your privacy and keep your online status hidden. In this article, we are going to discuss how to hide last seen and turn off active status in Instagram on iPhone and Android.
How to Find Contacts on Instagram
How to Find Contacts on Instagram | Find Instagram Account by Phone Number
Communicating with others is the main purpose of social media platforms. Apps like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram allow users to interact with their favorite influencers, friends, and loved ones across the world. Have you ever thought about how to find your contacts on Instagram to follow them or even block them? Is it possible to find Instagram account by phone number? Read the rest of this article to learn about methods and tricks.
mobile spy
Mobile Phone Spy App Free for Remote and Secret Monitoring
As mobile phones seamlessly integrate into every aspect of our lives, the need for effective monitoring has never been more critical. Whether for parental concerns, employee productivity tracking, or ensuring the safety of a loved one, the demand for phone spy apps is on the rise. In this article we are going to discuss cell phone spying methods, shedding light on the capabilities, ethical considerations, and the potential benefits of utilizing phone spy apps for remote monitoring.
App To Read Text Messages on Another Phone
App To Read Text Messages on Another Phone
The need for an app to read text messages on another phone has become increasingly prevalent, whether for parental monitoring, relationship transparency, or business security.This article delves into the realm of these innovative apps, uncovering the functionalities, benefits, and ethical considerations surrounding the use of such tools. So if you need to read text messages from another phone, read the rest of this article.
black friday anycontrol
Black Friday Special Offer for AnyControl Users!
Black Friday is just around the corner, and the excitement is building up for people worldwide. This year, the AnyControl team is thrilled to bring you an exclusive Black Friday Special Offer that will elevate your control and monitoring experience to new heights! We're doubling the value for our users by offering licenses with 2x durations, making it the perfect time to invest in the ultimate monitoring and parental control solution for your needs.
check someone's instagram
How to Check Someone’s Instagram and Read their Direct Messages
How to check someone’s Instagram account? Have you ever wanted to check other people's Instagram accounts and view their direct messages? With an Instagram account, we all can see the public profile of other users once we follow their accounts, but if we want to check someone’s Instagram private activities and direct messages, we cannot because only the account owner can access personal information.
cancel paypal automatic payment
How to Cancel PayPal Automatic Payments on Website and Mobile App
PayPal is a widely used online payment platform that allows users to make transactions and subscriptions effortlessly. However, sometimes users may find themselves subscribed to automatic payments for services they no longer need or want. If you're one of those users, don't worry - canceling automatic payments on PayPal is a straightforward process. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to cancel PayPal automatic payments for AnyControl or any other subscription quickly.
How to Get More Views on Instagram Posts
How to Get More Views on Instagram Posts? Increase Instagram Reach Organically
If you have ever spent time browsing your Instagram Explore page and thought to yourself, "I can attract a million Instagram views this way," you are not alone. Instagram presents actual opportunities for earning money and receiving a vast number of Instagram views, whether you seek to increase them or desire a reliable approach to obtain millions. This article outlines essential practical tips for achieving millions of views on Instagram.
Track Someone by Cell Phone Number
Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing
It is quite common for worried parents to try to monitor their children and loved ones when they are away. In this article we are going to explore different methods and applications along with comparison and guidance to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing. So if you are looking for a free app to track someone read the rest of this article. There are multiple methods that make tracking someone by cell phone number possible. We mention some of the methods and cases in which you can track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free.
how to add story on telegram
How to add Story on Telegram? Everything You Need to Know About Telegram Story Feature
Telegram is a well-known name in the encrypted messaging industry and is considered to be a feature leader. However, the developers resisted adding Telegram story feature for many years. Telegram story feature became the most popular element requested by users, and the developers eventually added it in July 2023. At first, Telegram story Android and iOS was only possible for premium accounts, but now all Telegram users have access to Telegram story free.
how to enable telegram passcode
How to Enable Passcode for Telegram on Android, iPhone and Desktop
With over 700 million people actively using Telegram each month, it's among the most favored instant messaging services. If your loved ones use Telegram, there's a chance you may have confidential conversations that you don't want anyone else to read. This is particularly crucial if your friends borrow your phone often to watch videos on YouTube, check out pictures, and so on. To avoid people getting into your Telegram conversations and groups without permission, you can learn how to enable passcode for Telegram
what is Termux
What Is Termux and How Does It Work | How to Use Termux As a Beginner
Those with an interest in hacking and security are likely familiar with Termux, an Android app that lets you run Linux apps on your mobile device. Through a text terminal interface, this tool enables you to use Linux software packages and execute Linux commands. Additionally, it provides a simulation of a Linux terminal, allowing you to run multiple Linux applications on your phone. It should be noted, however, that despite being a compact 200KB in size, it does not provide a comprehensive Linux terminal experience.
how to delete FB account
How to Delete Facebook Account on Android and iPhone?
Thinking about getting rid of Facebook? Maybe you're worried about compromising your privacy or the privacy of your loved ones when you post. Or maybe you just want to get back to your regular life and spend less time on the Internet. Whatever you're doing to get off Facebook or learning how to delete Facebook account 2023, it's important to understand that knowing how to delete Facebook account on android and iphone is really straightforward.
delete account whatsapp
How to Delete Whatsapp Account Permanently? A Complete Guide
There are many great messaging apps available in the technology industry today. Each one offers unique features and functionality. WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues. It has an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of features. However, the constant barrage of messages and media can make chatting feel overwhelming. Learning how to delete WhatsApp account is an important skill.
how to read instagram direct messages without seen
How to Turn off Seen on Instagram DM 2023 | Read Instagram Messages without Seen
Instagram is a widely-used social media platform that offers image sharing, video sharing, and a messaging feature for communication with friends. Within the messaging feature, the app automatically adds a "seen" tag below each message to indicate that it has been viewed. However, there are situations in which you may wish to read instagram messages without opening or notifying the other person.
add music to reels on instagram
How to Add Music to Reels on Instagram? Instagram Reels Music Guide
Instagram Reels is a useful tool which allows you to share short videos with music or sound. Its music feature is very attractive, and popular sounds can help you create viral reels. Including music in your reels excites the audience's curiosity and sustains their interest until the end. Furthermore, music makes your reels more engaging and significant. No matter what kind of video you've got, whether it's a dance trend or an educational video, the right background music can make a lasting impression on your Instagram feed.
how to hide last seen on telegram
How to Hide Last Seen on Telegram?
In recent years Telegram has become popular worldwide and one of the main reasons is its various features such as the ability to see the last online status of users. This can be super helpful for users, but it may not always be desirable. If you're using Telegram so much that you'd like to keep a low profile, you may want to hide your status from others.
how to download whatsapp status
How to Download Whatsapp Status: Everything You Need to Know
WhatsApp status updates enable users to share images, videos, and text that vanish automatically 24 hours after posting. This feature is comparable to the stories feature available on Instagram and Snapchat, and it enjoys significant popularity among users. So, a large number of individuals try to download WhatsApp Stories. This article will provide useful information on how to download WhatsApp status (videos and pictures), for ios and android devices. Let’s get started.
how to get into someone's telegram
How to get into someone’s Telegram?
Telegram is one of the most popular messengers with millions of users worldwide. The widespread use of this messenger has caused many families to worry about the activities of their children and loved ones on Telegram. If you have come across such cases and are looking for a way to get into other people's Telegram and access their messages and calls, read on for the rest of the article. How to get into someone’s Telegram with the method presented in this article is simple and does not require special technical knowledge or the use of complex methods.
delete reels on insta
How to delete Reels on Instagram? Get rid of Instagram Reels with these easy steps
Are you one of those people who are sick of Instagram reels? As you know, Reels have become an increasingly popular feature on various social media platforms, allowing users to create short, engaging videos that can be shared with their followers. While creating and sharing Reels can be a lot of fun, there may come a time when you want to know how to delete Reels on Instagram for various reasons, such as privacy concerns, content management or the fact that you simply think Instagram reels are cringe.
fix instagram reels issues
How to fix Instagram Reels not working properly? 6 ways to fix instagram reels issues
Have you ever opened your Instagram while taking a break after a few hours of work and tried to watch a reel, but got an error message? Although Instagram has provided users with many great features, there are many issues that users are reporting regarding reels feature. Instagram users are searching online for solutions to their problem with Reels. Many have tried numerous methods to solve the problem but still encounter the same error. Look no further because this article is for you.
whatsapp spy
Best Whatsapp Spy App | How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Remotely?
WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging platforms worldwide, making it crucial for parents, employers, and individuals to monitor its usage for various reasons. WhatsApp spy apps have emerged as a solution to this need. Read the article to learn more about these tools and figure out which of them is the best!
Internet Safety Tips for Kids
Internet Safety Tips for Kids: Protecting Young Users Online
In today's digital age, the internet plays an integral role in the lives of children. It offers endless educational opportunities, entertainment, and social connections. However, with the vastness of the online world comes potential risks that can pose serious threats to kids' safety. As responsible adults, it's our duty to ensure that children have a safe online experience.
reel vs post on instagram
Instagram Reels vs post | Which one is better and what are the differences
Maybe you're wondering what makes Instagram influencers successful. Their answer is likely to be Instagram Reels. This feature allows you to make short, engaging videos to highlight your products. But how do Reels differ from regular Instagram posts and videos? This article walks you through reels vs post. To learn the differences between Reels and Posts and to get helpful guidelines on the dos and don'ts of Instagram Reels, let’s get started.
Free Cell Phone Trackers Apps
Top 8 Free Cell Phone Trackers Apps for Location Tracking and Monitoring
In today's fast-paced world, the ability to track and monitor the location and activities of cell phones has become an essential tool for parents, employers, and individuals concerned about their loved ones' safety and device security. Fortunately, there are various free cell phone tracker apps available, each offering unique features to help you keep an eye on a target device. In this article, we will introduce the top 8 free tracker apps for location tracking and monitoring and compare features in detail.
post insta reels
How to post Reels on Instagram? Get to know Instagram Reels
If you think Instagram is just for fun and relaxing, think again. Every day, Instagram is rolling out new features that can help improve your online business. One of the most important features on the platform is the Instagram Reel, which receives 22 percent more interactions than a traditional Instagram video. If you're wondering what Instagram Reels are or how to post Reels on Instagram, don't miss today's article.
free anycontrol license
How to Get Free AnyControl License to Test Features
In the realm of parental control and employee monitoring tools, AnyControl has emerged as a beacon of efficiency and effectiveness. Its robust capabilities for remote monitoring have made it an invaluable asset for individuals and organizations worldwide. Yet, like any premium software, obtaining a license for AnyControl can sometimes be a financial hurdle. Fear not, for in this article, we embark on a journey to unravel the secret to acquiring a free AnyControl license to test the features.
Turn picture into painting app
Turn picture into painting app | Convert photo to digital art
Many people share their photos with friends, family and audiences on a daily basis with the rise of social networking platforms such as Instagram, Telegram and Twitter. For both regular users and celebrities, it's more convenient and popular to post unique and engaging photos. As a result, new and creative photos tend to get more likes and views.
instagram collab post 2023
Instagram collab post 2023 | how to enable collaboration in Instagram
An essential aspect of growing your Instagram involves having and growing connections with other accounts and brands on the platform. Luckily, Instagram has simplified the process by introducing the shared post feature. This allows you to share posts with another user, meaning that both your content, whether it's a photo or a story, will be shared from both accounts.
tiktok trend songs 2023
Top TikTok trend songs 2023 | TikTok songs free download
TikTok is known and loved because of its unique and constantly changing trends, which inspire users to create new content. Tiktok users believe that a specific song can help them remember the name of a brand much easier. So understanding and finding trending songs on TikTok has a lot of potential for brands to expand their presence and reach on the app.
How to read deleted messages on Whatsapp on Android and iPhone? View messages even after deleting
Normally you can't view deleted WhatsApp messages, however, if you want to know how to read Whatsapp deleted text, we are here to introduce you to some tricks you can do that will help you find messages that the sender has deleted from your chat and learn how to read deleted messages on Whatsapp or even how to read Whatsapp deleted messages without any app.
no logs uploading
How to Fix Logs Not Uploading on AnyControl Dashboard
No logs on your dashboard? Logging is stopped and you cannot see updates? Here is how to fix the no logs uploaded issue for AnyControl. Let us check some common issues, reasons and solutions to resolve them. Keep in mind that once you have installed and set up the application on your target device you should wait for almost 15 minutes for the logs to be uploaded on your dashboard.
deactivate or delete Instagram account
How to permanently deactivate or delete Instagram account: The ultimate guide
Are you done with Instagram? Have you decided that you no longer want to use Instagram? It's possible that your Instagram account has been shadow banned or targeted by harassment. Perhaps you have an outdated Instagram profile that no longer serves your objectives. Alternatively, you may have decided to delete Instagram account and exclude Instagram from your marketing strategy and redirect your focus to other platforms.
How to Get Verified on Instagram: Everything You Need to Know to obtain the blue tick
How to Get Verified on Instagram: Everything You Need to Know to obtain the blue tick
Do you like to get verified on Instagram and have a blue tick next to your username like a lot of celebrities, artists and famous people? If so, you are in the right place. But how can it be done? How can we get verified on Instagram? If you are one of those people who think the blue check on Instagram is only reserved for popular figures, we should tell you that this is not true. You can get verified on Instagram as a normal person.
how to hide apps
How to Hide Apps on Android and iOS Photo Guide
Have you installed a monitoring application on your kid’s device and you want to hide it now? Do you want to hide some unnecessary apps on your mobile phone? Is it more secure to hide your banking apps? Here is a step by step guide to hide apps on Android and iOS devices.
how to create a youtube account and channel
Create an account on Youtube | How to create a YouTube channel? (Beginner's Guide)
Do you want to learn how to start a YouTube account? YouTube is the world's largest video sharing platform, which has become popular with easy and accessible video upload options in a few simple steps. More than a billion people use YouTube right now—almost one third of all people on the Internet. You too can join the ranks of YouTubers.
Telegram active sessions
Telegram active sessions | How to check Telegram login history
Do you fear that someone might have access to your Telegram account and read all your chats silently? Since Telegram messenger is one of the main communication networks with contacts, it is necessary to install it in our phone or computer system. But you need to know how many devices have access to your Telegram account.
How to Download and Install Pinterest on iPhone and Android
Easy step by step guide: How to Download and Install Pinterest on iPhone and Android?
Are you looking for new ideas, inspiration, or places to visit? With only a few clicks you can find anything on Pinterest. This app is a great choice for those who love visual ideas. Millions of media content with different topics, interests and hobbies are available on this platform.
change phone number on instagram account
How to change phone number on instagram account? step by step guide
Instagram users need an email address or phone number to sign up and create a new account on all social networks, and Instagram is no exception. But what if you linked your account to a phone you no longer use and now you no longer have access to it? The answer is very simple.
How to Delete Pinterest Account
How to Delete Pinterest Account permanently or Temporarily Deactivate Pinterest Account?
If you’re looking for instructions on how to delete your Pinterest account, you’ve come to the right place. People turn to Pinterest to learn new recipes, find new interior design ideas, or even discover a new fun place to visit. Pinterest has more than 100 million regular users, 85% of whom are women.
How to create an Instagram account
How to create an Instagram account: Step by Step Guide
Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform. It’s an excellent way to share photos and short videos called Reels, and privately message friends, family, and others. It’s never too late if you don’t have an account already. Here’s how to create a new Instagram account.
Everything You Need To Know About Meta’s Threads app
Everything You Need To Know About Meta’s Threads app | How to use InstagramThreads?
Are you on Threads yet? In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, the much-anticipated Instagram Threads app has been gaining a lot of attention. Threads Instagram offers users a unique experience and a focus on personal communication.
how to delete Telegram account
How to deactivate and delete Telegram account permanently?
Are you tired of Telegram and looking for a way to delete it? Do you want to get rid of all your contact lists and calls? Telegram is an excellent instant messaging app with animated backgrounds. Users can share a photo, edit a video, Save Chats in Folders, find people nearby, use additional tools for channels and other activities.
How to delete Instagram direct messages
How to delete Instagram direct messages on iphone, android and computer?
Are you looking for a way to delete Instagram Direct messages? Whether it's to declutter your inbox or remove a conversation you no longer need, deleting Instagram Direct messages is a straightforward process. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to delete your Instagram Direct messages effortlessly.
How to recover deleted call history
How to recover deleted call history on iPhone and Android
Have you accidentally deleted your phone's call history? There are several methods that enable you to retrieve deleted calls on your desired device. The great news is that it is possible to recover deleted call history on an iPhone or Android without backup. Let's explore solutions on how to get deleted call logs.
Effect of Social Media on Relationships
The Effect of Social Media on Relationships: Navigating the Digital Landscape
Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate, connect, and share information. However, the rise of social media platforms has also brought about significant changes in the dynamics of relationships. This article explores the effects of social media on relationships, analyzing both the positive and negative impacts it can have on individuals and their connections with others.
create twitter account
How to create an account on Twitter | How to join Twitter
Do you need a Twitter account for yourself or your business? There are still lots of businesses that don’t have a Twitter account, and because they don’t they’re missing out. The good news is that it’s very easy to get an account set up and ready to go, in just a matter of minutes. Here’s how to create a Twitter account and get in on the action.We will also teach you how to create a Twitter account without a phone number.
blocking on imo
How to know if someone has blocked you on Imo? Identifying Blocks and Blocking Users on Imo messenger
Imo Messenger is a popular instant messaging platform that allows users to connect and communicate. However, there may be instances when you suspect that someone has blocked you on Imo or when you feel the need to block someone. In this article, we will explore how to recognize if someone has blocked you on Imo Messenger and how to effectively block someone on the platform.
how to delete Telegram bots
How to delete Telegram bots? Stop Telegram bots with this instruction
Today, Telegram is known as one of the most popular messengers. Because of the high security and many features of Telegram, the number of users is increasing. Telegram bots are one of the features of this messenger. These bots can be very useful and beneficial, but sometimes they can also be annoying by sending multiple messages and making us members in different channels. Read the rest of article to learn how to delete Telegram bots?
How to check login activity on instagram
How to check login activity on instagram | Instagram active sessions status
Hackers are interested in obtaining users’ personal information, such as photos, bank account information, or security passwords! But how can you tell if your Instagram has been hacked? Let's take a look at how you can determine if your account has been compromised by checking Instagram login activity and learn how to remove Instagram active sessions.
How to change my phone IP address
How to change my phone IP address? Change IP on Android and iPhone
Privacy matters the most on the Internet. Everything from your posts to your searches is tracked and recorded online. This includes your IP address, which is necessary to connect to the Internet. However, using methods to change or hide your public IP address can be a measure of online privacy. In this article, we will discuss how to change my phone IP address without vpn on android and ios.
add location on your Instagram post and story
How to add location on your Instagram post and story
Using Instagram is a great way to update your followers with content you want to share. In case you do not want to post on your main feed you can use Instagram stories since they expire within 24 hours. Users can add location on Instagram posts and stories. In this article we are going to learn how. So if you want to add location on your Instagram story or post read the rest of this tutorial.
Why can't I join Telegram channels
Why can't I join Telegram channels? Solutions to rejoining channels on Telegram
Messenger applications are now a preferred method of communications. Telegram is one of the most popular ones that values the privacy of its users with strict rules. You may face an error when you join Telegram channels. If you can not join Telegram channels read the rest of this article for solutions.
What happens if I delete the Telegram app and how to restore my account?
What happens if I delete the Telegram app and how to restore deleted Telegram account?
How to reinstall the old Telegram account on the new phone? In this article, we are going to discuss how to reinstall the deleted Telegram application to access our old account. Telegram is one of the most popular messengers across the world.
How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram
How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram
Have you recently noticed that you can no longer see a certain person's posts on Instagram? It is possible that they simply have not posted anything in a while or deactivated or deleted their account. But what if they have blocked you? Read the rest of this article to find out if you have been blocked on Instagram. Here we are going to learn how to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram.
AnyControl Post Installation Tasks
AnyControl Post Installation Tasks and Required Permissions
Here is a full guide to the tasks you need to perform and permissions you need to grant for AnyControl app to function properly. To grant these accesses you need to know the service name. If you do not know it, refer to your AnyControl dashboard. To learn more and for step by step instructions refer to the linked articles.
enable Screen Capture permission
How to enable Screen Capture permission on Android?
Is permission required for capturing any device screen? Yes for sure. If you are using third-party apps that capture your screen you need to grant “Screen Capture Permission” to them. Applications like monitoring apps will start capturing everything that is displayed on the target device’s screen. So in the installation phase you need to enable screen capture permission of these apps.
allow display over other apps
How to allow display over other apps on Android?
If you are using any third-party app on your Android device and if you do not turn on “Display over other apps” you cannot use that particular app in the background. So if you want to turn on that feature on your android device read the rest of this article for a step by step tutorial.
allow notification access
How to Allow/Don't Allow Notification Access on Android?
The "Notification Access" permission has nothing to do with receiving notifications. This permission allows third-party apps to read your notifications. Notification access makes it possible for an app to read the current set of notifications sent by other applications on the particular device. This permission is necessary for monitoring applications to generate logs. If you need to allow notification access to any special application read the rest of this article.
 install apps from unknown sources in Android
How to install apps from unknown sources in Android devices?
Android devices have a default security feature that does not allow users to install apps from outside the Play Store. Considering the fact that there are plenty of apps that are not available on play store you may want to disable this feature. Stay tuned to learn how to install apps from unknown sources in Android devices.
enable Accessibility Access
How to enable Accessibility Access on Android devices?
Accessibility access is a necessary access for AnyControl app to function accurately. During the installation phase, you need to activate this access by allowing restricted settings for the app. When you enable restricted settings, you allow apps to get access to sensitive info that is required for generating logs by monitoring apps.
permit usage access
Permit usage access on Android step by step guide
Usage access allows an app to track what other apps you are using and how often. Usage access is a necessary access for AnyControl app to function accurately. During the installation phase, the program will automatically guide you to activate this access, but if you could not perform this action for any reason, you can grant this access manually using the following tutorial.
disable google play protect
How to disable Google Play Protect in Android devices?
Google Play Protect is a security system for apps that are not downloaded from Google Play. Google Play Protect is enabled by default on all Android devices, however users can turn it off through simple instruction. Since It is possible that the AnyControl application is detected as potentially dangerous, you must disable Google Play Protect to use it.
Positive and negative effects of online games on children
Children used to spend most of their free time playing with their friends in the past, and of course, they enjoyed these games a lot. But currently, one of the usual tasks of parents is to buy computer or mobile games for their children, allowing them to spend hours of their time playing. Now, Computer games are very popular for all ages and a serious concern for parents.
Download Odin the latest version 3.14.4
Odin program is the most reliable and famous flash software on Samsung brand phones and tablets. If you have a Samsung brand device and you intend to flash the official ROM or any tar or md5 format package such as recovery, root file on it, you should be familiar with this program.
How to find out who views your Instagram profile, posts and stories
As an Instagram account owner you can see the number of people who watched your video posts or liked and commented on your content. You also can find out who views your Instagram stories live. Instagram offers no feature to see who views your Instagram profile or posts. But it is still possible to find out your page visitors. If you want to know who views your Instagram follow the rest of this article.
Is Viber safe? Advantages and disadvantages of using Viber
We remember that at the same time as smart phones became widespread and the country's internet speed increased, we all used Viber. We started sending voice, image and video with Viber and enjoyed its optimal speed. But after a while when its competitor, new messaging applications offered unique features, many people moved from Viber to other platforms.
How to view Instagram Stories without them knowing? 6 foolproof ways
Instagram has many features, one of the most popular ones is Story, which allows users to share their images and videos for 24 hours. Almost all of us have had the experience of wanting to see someone's Instagram story anonymously. However, because we didn't have the tools or didn't know the way, we couldn't do it.
twitter search
How to find old tweets and search someone's Twitter history?
Twitter is a great resource for searching current events and tracking current events as they're happening. There might be some cases in which you need to search Twitter history or find old tweets of specific users. A search feature on Twitter lets you see what people have been talking about in the past or during a specific period of time. You will learn about Twitter search history and what ways you can use to find old tweets of yourself or other users.
video game addiction
Video game addiction | symptoms and treatment methods for online game addiction
Is addiction to computer and online games recognized as a disease and disorder? What are the signs of video game addiction and how can parents help children in this situation?
whatsapp online status
How to hide your online status and last seen on WhatsApp
WhatsApp makes users' online status visible to everyone by default, once you create an account on this popular messaging app. But you can easily change it to protect your privacy. So if you may want to minimize your online footprint in the app for any reason, in this article we have provided a step by step guide of how to hide your online status and last seen on WhatsApp.
telegram two-step verification
How to enable two-step verification on Telegram
Telegram has great privacy and encryption features turning it into one of the most popular messaging apps around the world. Telegram users can enable two-step verification on Telegram to add an extra layer of security to their accounts. If you prefer to add a password as part of the app's two-step verification, here is how to set up
snapchat screen shot without notif
How to screenshot on snapchat without notification and someone knowing
One of the features that has both positive and negative sides is the screenshot notification on snapchat. Anytime you take a screenshot of a user’s snapchat, the user gets notified. But is there any way to take a screenshot on Snapchat without someone knowing?
What is cyberbullying and how to protect your child against it?
With the advancement of technology and the widespread use of the Internet, crimes related to cyberspace are also expanding. Cyberbullying is one of the things that happens in the internet space. Research shows that 1 out of every 5 teenagers has been a victim of bullying or cyberbullying.
viber vs whatsapp
Viber vs Whatsapp: which one to use?
When it comes to the best and most well-known messaging apps in the world, Viber and Whatapp are among the definite options. These two are similar with each other in many aspects and different in a number of others.
dangerous social media apps
5 most dangerous social media apps and their possible risks
Social media apps are an inseparable part of everyone’s life these days and the number of their users increase annually. As we all know, there are two sides to every story.
welcome blog post
Welcome to AnyControl Blog!
Welcome to AnyControl blog! We look forward to sharing the latest news and exciting tutorials about social media platforms, parental activities, leadership, management and many more with our readers. 
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