Best Employee Control Software to Assess Employees Performance

Employee control software is the most widespread method of productivity tracking in most small and big companies. If you are looking to control employees’ work-related activities and productivity, install AnyControl on your company devices and start using its efficient features to grow your business.  

employee control

Control Employees in 3 simple steps

create anycontrol account

Create an account and choose your plan

Register to AnyControl and choose the plan that suits your needs to control your employees.

install anycontrol

Install AnyControl on your employees’ devices

Install AnyControl to have everything you need to control your employees work-related activities.

control employees

Start controlling your employees immediately

Log in to your Dashboard to control your remote and in-office employees productivity.

Benefits of Employee Control

Benefits of Employee Control

Are you facing the question “How can I possibly take control of my employees’ work on a regular basis” as a business owner or leader? Do you want to know if the work is getting done or not?

The fact is just because your employee is sitting at the desk, working long hours, doesn’t mean that he/she is doing his/her best work!

Using Employee control software gives you access to comprehensive reports about the daily work routine of your team, no matter if they are working remotely or in the office. Analysis of this information allows business owners and managers to look into the usual workflow, detect successful or ineffective patterns and figure out ways to improve them.

The most important benefit of employee control tools is that they allow managers to reveal inefficient team members who waste their work time on unproductive activities and also hard working employees that deserve particular attention. 

AnyControl assesses employees’ productivity in different areas, allowing business leaders to effectively manage multiple workers with greater efficiency.

Control Employees Performance
Employee Control in Workplace

Employee Control in Workplace

Are you looking for an advanced program for full employee control in the workspace? Are you ready to take control over your team’s productivity?

Our employee control tool gives you a complete report of the team's activities, work time, Internet and app usage, location, call logs and more.

Data shows that employees spend a lot of time on the Internet at work for personal purposes such as social networks and shopping websites. Our Employee control system is a great way to control and reorganize the use of corporate resources and can offer managers peace of mind while increasing productivity. 

Use AnyControl to achieve an insight into employee productivity levels and find out who may need additional guidance or support.

Start Controlling your Employees
Employee Control Software

Advance Employee Control Software

As a manager or leader when you combine control systems with monitoring technology you can better manage your employees and keep their performance high. Our advanced employee control software offers multiple features that lead to increased productivity in remote and in-office teams. It provides more control and visibility over employees work-related activities with data collection options including:

➖ Web activity tracking

➖ Keylogging

➖ Screenshots 

➖ App and website usage

➖ Location tracking

➖ Work time tracking

➖ Social media and messengers

➖ Live screen and webcam broadcast

Install AnyControl on your target devices and the program does all the work automatically. Once you have done, it tracks all the activity and interprets it to send logs to your dashboard. 

Download Employee Control Software

FAQ about employee control system

Comments :

4 weeks ago

Sorry, I didn't understand whats meant by employee control

Anycontrol: Employee control is the use of various methods of the workplace to gather information about the activities and locations of team members.

Fraser Frye

1 month ago

Its a good and useful app but in order to be sure of the app, I suggest you get a test license before buying a subscription👍


1 month ago

This program is a very useful and helpful app if it is really used by people according to its own law, but it should not be misused and harm people's information and privacy.


2 months ago

I installed it for my workforce and i liked it🌹


2 months ago

our office should install it


2 months ago

It is very useful for online shopping companies


2 months ago

Its a good app for employee control in the workplace👍


3 months ago

Most of my employees spend their useful time on YouTube and videos

Dianna York

3 months ago

This can be useful to much! 👍👍


3 months ago

Where can I see the duration and price of subscriptions?

Anycontrol: To know the duration and price of subscriptions, please send a message to the online chat support of the website.


4 months ago

This app can be used for the working hours of employees and their productivity. Great


4 months ago

I think every boss should have this app👌👍

Jessica Myles

11 months ago

Most apps come and go, but I continue to use this app for my employees always. This app very well done, very intuitive and very flexible. when I submitted the one bug report for a little thing that was happening with my stupid Samsung keyboard, the developer responded to me quickly. These app set the standard for Other such apps and invites other apps to compete.


11 months ago

Working good so far.. only thing for the audio Record button is not working. And can't hear using bluetooth headset or anything except loud speaker and cannot control the volume. i don't know why , pls help me


11 months ago

Is it legal to connect to employees' webcams?

Anycontrol: hello dear.If you inform them about this. There is no problem

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