Control Twitter Messages and monitor activities with advanced Twitter tracker

Here is the most efficient way to track Twitter and monitor Twitter private and group messages. Track everything your target users are doing with the help of AnyControl advanced Twitter tracking features

Monitor twitter

Track Twitter in 3 Simple Steps

user account

Create an account and choose your plan for Twitter tracking

Register to AnyControl and choose the plan that suits your needs for monitoring Twitter Messenger.

install app

Install AnyControl on the device

Install AnyControl to have everything you need to start tracking Twitter. We made it easy, however, support is always there to answer any question.

track twitter

Start monitoring Twitter immediately

Log in to your Dashboard and track Twitter to make wise data driven decisions for your family and loved ones.

twitter tracking

High Performing Twitter Tracking Tool

AnyControl introduces a Twitter tracking tool that can be used for parental control and monitoring Twitter activities.

Monitoring Twitter and controlling Messenger can be one of the most important concerns for those parents who care about their children's activities in cyberspace. That's why parents are looking for high performing and reliable Twitter tracking tools. Register for AnyControl and access the direct messages, tweets, following and followers list and all the activities on Twitter to find out if they’re sharing inappropriate content through this platform. 

Get Twitter Tracker
twitter control

Control Twitter activities with Ease

AnyControl offers an efficient method to control twiiter and monitor your children's activity on this platform. By using this powerful Twitter tracking tool you will be able to remotely monitor all the communications and activities on Twitter.

AnyControl is easy to use. You can install it on any one’s device by following a few simple steps. Since the app is hidden, you can monitor activities and communications on the device without the owner’s knowledge. 

You don't need to look for complicated hacking tricks any more, since we’ve got plans for every need. Just forget illogical methods and start using AnyControl to find what’s going on in their Twitter, no matter where and when it’s happening.

Control Twitter Now
twitter monitoring

Advanced Twitter monitoring app

Using our advanced Twitter monitoring tool enables you to monitor the conversations and calls that they’re having on Twitter Messenger while you can be sure that they’ll never know.

If you’re a parent, stop worrying and start enjoying the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for, with AnyControl now. 

Control Twitter Messenger just like viewing them on their phone, while you will not need to hold their devices. AnyControl is packed with everything you need to track activities on Twitter and other social media platforms. 

Using AnyControl to track Twitter enables you to access all the information of the target’s Twitter account from your dashboard. It is simple to view their chats, shared multimedia files, notifications, tweets, and more.

Monitor Twitter Remotely
AnyControl gives you access to everything

AnyControl advanced monitoring features give you access to all logs on your target user's device. 

  • instagram tracking
  • telegram monitoring
  • Whatsapp Monitoring
  • Viber Monitoring
  • Snapchat Monitoring
  • Phone Call Monitoring
  • SMS Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Instagram control and monitoring sent and received direct messages, calls and all activities of the target person in the Instagram app secretly and remotely.

  • Telegram control and tracking Telegram messages, calls, shared media and all the activities without having access to the target user’s device.

  • WhatsApp Control and monitoring sent and received messages, calls and shared content on this app remotely and secretly.

  • Viber control and monitoring messages, shared media, voice and video calls and all activities remotely

  • Snapchat control and tracking all activities, shared content and messages remotely.

  • Call control and monitoring all incoming, outgoing and missed calls with exact time and duration in detail

  • SMS control and monitoring all the sent and received text messages on the target user’s mobile phone.

  • GPS control to track live location and monitor visited locations remotely, accurately and at any time.


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Comments :

1 month ago

it is good


1 month ago

if you install twitter for your kid, be sure to activate the security settings and block inappropriate content because there are no restrictions in twitter and there's inappropriate content for kids.


1 month ago

In my op twitter doesn't need to be hacked or monitored cause all activities can be seen w/o anything


2 months ago

it's a good app, but when you install it you should be careful enough to set the permissions correctly if you want don't get into trouble and continue spying.


2 months ago

Twitter has long since changed its name to "x":/


3 months ago

can i use this to see what is being searched on x?

Anycontrol: Yes.


3 months ago

Is it possible to give the twitter account and you hack twitter yourself?


3 months ago

Does it support Twitter (X) update?

Anycontrol: Yes!


3 months ago

Thank you. Please make a blog about "How to be safe on Twitter? " in the future


4 months ago

It was very useful for me


4 months ago

How To Monitoring/Hack My Kid Twitter??

Anycontrol: You can use AnyControl advanced Twitter monitoring tool to track your children’s activities on Twitter and other social media platforms

Jeremy Bunny

5 months ago

I wanna delete a tweet from someone else phone


5 months ago

Among the advanced Twitter monitoring apps, this app is the simplest and Inexpensive

Geazy Rolli

5 months ago

amazing twitter tracker . its worked for update versions and X?

Alison miller

1 year ago

lv u anyyyyconnnntrollllllll 😀 the besttttt app


1 year ago

All worries are over 🤭😍


1 year ago

Why are tweets not registered for me?


1 year ago

What steps should I follow to remove the App completely?

Anycontrol: hello dear.If you saw the uninstallation method and did not understand. You can contact support


1 year ago

To receive information, must the phone's internet be turned on?

Anycontrol: hello dear.Yes, everything will be sent online


1 year ago

wonderful Application 👌🏻


1 year ago

Twitter is really a strange and dangerous environment for an 8-year-old child. instead of arguing with him to delete his Twitter account. Now I am controlling it here and I have no worries 🤗

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