Employee Monitoring Software to boost productivity at Work

Managers are always concerned about keeping track of employees and their productivity. AnyControl Employee monitoring software enables you to see how your in-office or remote employees work in real-time for a more productive and efficient team.

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Monitor Employees at work in 3 simple steps

create account

Create an account and choose your plan for employee monitoring

Register to AnyControl and choose the plan that suits your needs for monitoring your employees.

install anycontrol

Install AnyControl Software

Install AnyControl on your employees’ devices to have everything you need to start tracking their activities. We made it easy, however, support is always there to answer any question.

monitoring employee

Start Monitoring Employees Immediately

Log in to your Dashboard and monitor your employees at work to enhance productivity and make wise data driven decisions. 

Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software enables managers to know exactly how their employees use their time at work. Using employee monitoring software is the most dependable way to measure productivity, track time and attendance, and collect proof of work for remote teams and office staff. Register for AnyControl to get through data about your employees functionality and make decisions for a more efficient team.

AnyControl starts automatically when the target employee’s computer is on, but you can choose if it's going to track non-stop or only during certain hours of the day. The target employee’s attendance is automatically calculated using AnyControl software. You can count your employees' attendance based on their computer activity. By this the individual employee’s timesheet is created once he/she actually starts working. 

Download Employee Monitoring Software
Monitor Employees Performance

Monitor Employees Performance

Do you wish to get the most out of your employees’ time at work? AnyControl employee monitoring software with screenshots lets managers discover exactly what their employees are up to every minute of the day and enjoy the benefits of employee monitoring. 

Employee monitoring tools are a ‘must-have’ today to track time accurately, save time and increase business efficiency. That is why most of the major companies now use this solution.

As a business owner you definitely know that monitoring employees is too challenging, especially if they are away. Thanks to employee monitoring tools such as AnyControl, managers can have full control over their remote team through daily reports on their activities in detail.

AnyControl is an employee monitoring software with screenshots. So you can track apps and websites that your employees are using during the work time, while random screenshots are there to help you track any unusual activities. 

Look into your employees activity logs which include active and idle time at any time from anywhere.

Monitor your Employees Performance
Remote Team Monitoring

Remote Team Monitoring Tool

Are you looking for the best employee monitoring tools? Our advanced remote team monitoring tool allows you to see what your employees are up to at any time. You will have a unique perspective of your team’s productivity and daily activities. Use our features to limit data access and organize teams. 

You have the option to promote transparency and accountability by giving your employees access to their own tracking data.

Using AnyControl remote team monitoring software, in-depth data give you a clear picture of employees’ productivity. On the other hand, since the employees know about the monitoring software, they will be more focused, and you can be assured that their attention is where it needs to be. So if you want to take full control of your workplace and your remote team get our employee monitoring software now. With AnyControl monitoring employees happens automatically and in real-time.

Monitor your Team Remotely

FAQ about Employee Monitoring

FAQ about Employee Monitoring

Comments :
John Scott

7 months ago

Whatever I say about the goodness of this program is not enough. It is really great. Thank you very much, AnyControl❤️👌🏻

Eric Lazaran

6 months ago

Actually hides the app 100% and can remote view both cameras at any time. also u can Used this app to turn an old phone into a security camera!😁


6 months ago

I've tried other apps but None of them were as easy and efficient as AnyControl. The UI is easy to understand and navigate. The functions are super helpful for records keeping. I highly recommend it. And if you invoice, it works great with the sister app SubTotal. I'd pay for a subscription, but am thrilled it's cost is very low. Also, the developer's website is remarkably clear and thorough. It has comprehensive app capabilities lists and FAQ. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


2 months ago

This program is amazing, my small business will grow soon and can I use this service for all employees?

Anycontrol: Depends on your strategy and plans for leadership.

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