This terms of service is a legal contract between user and AnyControl, governing users’ use of mobile/web services or software. Please ensure to read these terms and conditions of usage carefully before purchasing a license and using the software in order to avoid further conflict.  By accessing and using AnyControl website/software, you will agree to our Terms of Use. 

⛔️ AnyControl services are not available in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. 



AnyControl software – AnyControl is a mobile application and computer software that provide monitoring features which are described on the official website. AnyControl consists of server and client parts. Access to the server part is executed through the web interface on the website while the client part is provided as an application file, which is installed on a target device.

Subscription – periodic payments for providing services and using AnyControl on a periodic basis.

Target device – smartphone, tablet, mobile phone, PC or any other compatible device, on which the client part of AnyControl software is installed.

Payment information – User full name, e-mail, account data information, etc. which is necessary for making payments to purchase AnyControl Services. 

Payment service provider – a financial institution  or service provider, which processes payments for AnyControl subscriptions.

Subscription month – subscription period consists of 28 calendar days. This applies only to 1-, 3- and 6-months subscription plans. 

General Provisions

AnyControl services shall be used only in such cases:

  •  For kids with the aim of parental control.
  • By users on their own devices.
  • By managers for staff and employers control on work devices.
  • This software is used for monitoring children and employees in order to minimize the potential harmful effects of the internet.

In case the software is used for monitoring employees, it must be installed on devices which belong to the company.

For using AnyControl services, you are required to create an account on the website by providing personal information.

In the process of making payment AnyControl does not collect personal payment information and it is the Payment Provider that receives payment details. 

AnyControl is not responsible for any third-party data leak in databases or DNS servers.

You must not use AnyControl website or services in violation of any laws. We are not responsible for the further use of AnyControl and it’s your sole responsibility. 

You must read the Compatibility Policy and check the requirements of your target device before purchasing and remember that you require physical access to the target device to install the AnyControl Software.

To install and run the program you need to properly follow all instructions and documentation provided at the website.

You must not allow any other third party to access your account or to utilize AnyControl using your subscription. If in any case you do so, we don’t bear the responsibility.

We reserve the right to modify or terminate AnyControl Services without notice to any user for any reason and at any time.

User Legal Agreement

These terms of use are the legal contract between you and AnyControl. You agree and consent to all the terms and conditions by subscribing to use the services.

All AnyControl services are licensed to you and not sold. By subscribing, AnyControl grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable service and you will retain all ownership rights in User Data that you transfer to AnyControl.

You agree and consent to obey all the applicable laws of your country of residence regards to the use of AnyControl services and software.

You agree that you may not and you warrant that you will not breach the federal and government laws of your country by using AnyControl software on someone’s device.

You agree that you may not and you warrant that you will not use AnyControl services for any illegal purpose or in violation of any laws in your country of residence.

You must own the device or have written permission from the legal owner of the device before activating AnyControl software on it. 

AnyControl has no responsibility if you install and activate AnyControl software on a device without the knowledge and permission of its Legal owner.


You agree and consent to all the terms and conditions, present or modified from time to time, by subscribing and installing the software.

You consent to check the requirements of your target device according to the compatibility requirements mentioned on the website, before purchasing the software.

You are fully aware that you require physical access to the target device to install the Software.

By installing AnyControl on your target device, you unconditionally confirm that you have proper authority under applicable laws to monitor the device.

AnyControl has the rights to stop its services, if it is given to learn about misuse of the user.

It is clarified that AnyControl is granted to you only on license basis. This means that all rights over the software remain with AnyControl. 


To subscribe you must first read all the Terms and conditions mentioned in AnyControl website.

You should first make a payment for subscription otherwise you cannot set the order to start the installation process. 

You must follow the instructions given on AnyControl dashboard and website for subscription and installation of software. Feel free to contact support in case of any assistance required.

The software shall work only for such a period for which you have paid for the subscription and the software would automatically stop functioning immediately at the end of the period of subscription. So if you wish to continue the services, you shall ensure to renew before the expiry of current subscription period.

You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs from your account during the subscription period.

You have the right to cancel your subscription or close your account at any time. It is clarified that in case of cancellation of subscription no amount shall be refunded.

Software Application

AnyControl services can be used strictly in compliance with all the terms and conditions including privacy policies, compatibility policies, refund policies, etc. mentioned in the website.

You must know AnyControl may at any time for any reason suspend or terminate your license and disable the Software and information you may already have accessed without prior notice.

In case you have any technical question or other issue with software you can contact customer service through ticket or online chat. AnyControl provides after sales and support services over Ticket, Email and Live Chat.

Support Service

We are here to help our customers with any issue related to using our software and services. Support agents are available 24/7 and our assistance via Live Chat and email are absolutely free to use.

Support Service is available in multiple languages including English, ِArabic, French, German, Turkish and Persian by now but the list will include more languages over time. It is worth noting that not knowing any of these languages is not a reason for a refund.


Make sure that you have carefully read the Compatibility Policy before placing your order to purchase the software. If your target device is not in line with the Compatibility Policy, you cannot connect it to AnyControl.

You must check the requirements for the compatibility of your target device before installing AnyControl. In case you have failed to comply with the Compatibility Policy before purchasing the subscription, you agree that it is your responsibility and you will not be refunded in this case. 

User Mandatory Requirements

Before purchasing a subscription, you consent that you are entitled under applicable laws to use AnyControl services and are 18 years of age or above and of sound mind.

When installing AnyControl on the target device you consent that you are a parent or an employer and the employees’ phone is owned by you and the employee is aware of the software. You agree that you notified and received free consent from the owner of the device, without any force or coercion.

In case of any deviation from the things mentioned above, all liabilities shall solely rest on you and AnyControl takes no responsibility.


Refunds can only be issued only in accordance with the refund policy. You must read in detail the refund policy and conditions before purchasing a subscription or installing the software. 

AnyControl does not entertain any request for refund, which is against the stipulations laid down in Refund policy. 

Users are not eligible for full refunds unless they have technical issues which cannot be resolved by the Support Team.


In order to access AnyControl dashboard, users must have the password which they have chosen in the registration process.

You must keep your account credential, especially your password secure. You undertake not to share your account and not to disclose your password to anyone else.

You must notify AnyControl support immediately in case of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account. If you believe that account password may have been compromised, you should change your password and try to pick a strong one.

In case of forgetting the password to the Control Panel, you can use the “forgot password” link to retrieve the password through the valid email they have entered in the registration process.

We care about the integrity and security of our users' personal information. You can read our Privacy Policy for more details about our rules of personal data processing and its storing.

We will not collect and store any exported logs and data from a target device with the use of the Software in case the data is older than 3 months and/or your account has expired. Upon the expiry of your account, all logs and data will be deleted immediately.


AnyControl web-portal and provided service is on an “as is where is basis” where nothing is guaranteed. We do not represent any claim of accuracy, completeness or reliability of the software so you shall examine and verify any information before relying on it. 


This service is provided to the user by their own confirmation and to monitor children and employees. The law generally requires you to notify owners of the device that it is being monitored. You take full responsibility for determining if you have the right to monitor the device on which the software is installed. ِAnyControl is not responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to do so.

In case it is revealed that AnyControl was installed on someone’s device without the knowledge or consent of the owner, we will immediately stop the services and for sure the user of the application shall not be eligible for a refund.

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