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Use AnyControl parental control application to monitor, filter, and control the computer and mobile activity of your children. AnyControl is parents first choice all around the world as an ideal monitoring app that offers limitless features. 

Are you looking for the best parental control app for iPhone and Android devices? Do you want to monitor your children on their personal computers? AnyControl is all you need!

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Monitor your kids activities in 3 simple steps

Register to AnyControl

Create an account and choose your plan

Register to AnyControl and choose the subscription plan for parental control app.

Install AnyControl

Install AnyControl parental control app

Install AnyControl to have everything you need to start monitoring your kids activities. 

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Monitor your kids anywhere at anytime

AnyControl starts working instantly. Log in to your dashboard to access all information.

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Protect Your kids with best Parental Control App for Android

AnyControl as an advanced parental control app offers the possibilities to record, listen, save and monitor anything at any time on mobile phones and personal computers. This efficient parental control app for android, IOS and windows has 100+ Features to find the hidden truths about your kids and investigate suspicions about their behavior.

If you are looking for the best parental control app for teenager, AnyControl enables you to monitor your children and protect them from online threats such as cyberbullies and inappropriate content in cyberspace. It is a parental control app that cannot be deleted. Once you install the app on your child’s device it hides so the kids can’t open it and disable the protection.

AnyControl has a strong web filter, screen time tools that can be customized, location and GPS tracking, and detailed reports on your child's online activities on any website and application.

 The significance of using a parental control app extends beyond mere restriction; it embodies a proactive approach to fostering children's education in a digital era. These apps enable parents to align their child's online activities with their academic goals and interests. By tailoring access to websites, apps, and content that support learning, parents can channel their child's screen time into productive avenues. Additionally, these apps facilitate open communication between parents and children regarding online behavior and responsible technology usage. 

Parental control apps not only empower parents to protect their children from potential online hazards but also empower children to harness technology as a tool for educational enrichment and personal growth. 

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Control your kids activities with best parental control app for teenager

AnyControl emerges as valuable tool in striking a balance between harnessing the benefits of technology and ensuring a safe and productive online experience for kids

Register to AnyControl parental control app for iphone and android to spend money where you can get peace of mind as parents. AnyControl performs monitoring activity in secret and does not make noise that alerts the target. Once you install it, the app will be hidden and the target user will never notice it is working.

So start monitoring your children's computer, phone, and Internet usage no matter where you are with our control solutions.

➖ Time management

➖ Content Filtering

➖ Social Media Monitoring

➖ Location Tracking

➖ Real Time Operation

You do not need to worry about your kids’ activities on social media platforms. With the best parental control app for iphone, android and windows you know exactly what they are sharing and who they are talking online. 

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Trustworthy monitoring solution for parents

Are you seeking the ultimate way to keep your children safe with an advanced parental control application? AnyControl makes things easy for you since when it comes to parental control solutions, it usually takes the lead in any comparison.

Parents need monitoring apps for their kids to ensure their safety, foster responsible digital behavior, and maintain an open line of communication in an increasingly interconnected world.  

Forget all your concerns knowing exactly how your kids use their digital devices including mobile phones, personal computers and tablets in full detail. Using our powerful parental control app you can see what applications they use, who they are in touch with, what websites they visit, and much more with details.

 AnyControl offers parents insights into their children's online activities, helping them identify and address potential risks such as cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, and interactions with strangers. Using AnyControl enables parents to strike a balance between granting their children the benefits of technology while also establishing healthy boundaries for screen time and online engagement

Every activity performed on the target user’s mobile phone and computer is recorded for later viewing in your user panel. You can eliminate unwanted activities through extensive content filtering rules and set usage limits for different apps through AnyControl management features of this mobile phone tracker.  

Start monitoring your kids

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Comments :
Karen Nelson

7 months ago

AnyControl usually takes the lead in any comparison for me ☺️👍🏻

Anycontrol: Thanks for sharing your feedback

Tiffany Dixon

6 months ago

This app is incredible! Very reasonably priced for all that it does. Very cool that they have a demo version so you can try it out before purchasing. I'm still learning how to navigate thru the app .im really satisfide with this platform... Best app!


6 months ago

So far it's working 90% of the time, I think it depends on the the phone it's linked to and signal strength of the child's phone. i Runned on Android version 13.


6 months ago

This app is amazing! i was surprised at all the features it offers, even with the free version. I will definitely be buying the subscription once the trial runs out!!


2 months ago

It is a very useful app to keep the family healthy, is it possible to use all social network service (such as Snapchat and WhatsApp) at the same time?

Anycontrol: Yes. All social media and messengers data would be available in your dashboard.

Alex Roze

1 week ago

very helpful application ! amazing

Anthony Jr

1 week ago

this app help a lot to mom and dads who want to be safe the childs ! amazing and nice . 🥰

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