How to record calls secretly and listen to someone’s conversations on the phone

Tempted to secretly record calls to see what is in your kid’s world and who they are in touch with? Are you worried about bullying and other potential dangers? Are you concerned about your staff interactions with clients at the workplace? Listen in and find out what’s really happening with AnyControl phone call recorder that secretly gets access to smartphones to record and listen to phone calls remotely.

To learn how to record calls without them knowing, read the rest of this article. You can also click on the Play button to watch the tutorial video of the hidden call recorder app.

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Record Someone’s Phone Calls Secretly

If you want to listen to someone’s conversations and record calls without notifications all you need to do is to follow these three simple steps. AnyControl is the best app to record phone calls without the other person knowing.

sign up

Create an account

Register at AnyControl website and choose your plan for recording calls.

install app

Install AnyControl

Install AnyControl on your target device. Contact support for any question.

record calls

Start recording phone calls

All phone calls will be recorded and saved on your panel automatically.

record calls

How to Record Someone’s Phone Calls Without Them Knowing

There can be many reasons why someone might want to know how to listen to someone's phone calls and record phone calls without notification. Call recording can be valuable for various reasons, such as keeping a record of important discussions, conducting interviews, or ensuring compliance with business standards and practices. If you are a concerned parent and you want to listen to your teenage kids' conversations on the phone or if you are a business leader wondering how your workforce talk to your customers on the phone, a secret call recorder might be just what you need. But you may ask how to listen others call on my phone or is it even possible? Yes! AnyControl makes it possible.

AnyControl call recorder is a software application that is used to listen to someone's phone calls. These recordings can include both incoming and outgoing calls. It remotely records calls without notification on the target device and delivers the data to your web control panel. Do not worry if you cannot listen to calls live! AnyControl saves the phone call recordings in your user panel so you can listen and review them at your convenience. 

Listen to your kids conversations on the phone and see if they are being bullied. You can keep track of every incoming, outgoing and missed call with details including timestamps, durations and numbers. Download the data of the recorded calls and listen to the conversations remotely and secretly. Track calls data and view the contacts of the callers and listen to all the phone calls with detailed information.

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Remote Phone Call Recorder

Remote Phone Call Recorder To listen Others Call on Your Phone

Are you a business leader that wants to monitor performance and activities of staff in work-time? Do you want to check how your employees interact with customers? Business managers can secretly record phone calls and listen to calls of their employees on business phones. Call recordings allow business leaders to review and analyze their client interactions and improve their staff performance. 

The story is different for parents and families. A secret call recorder app allows you to protect your family and loved ones to ensure their safety by monitoring their conversations and interactions with others. This can be particularly relevant for younger children or teenagers who are still developing their judgment and decision-making skills.

If you are wondering how to listen call recording of other mobile remotely and without accessing one of the call parties mobile phones you need to know that this is almost impossible. The best way and most efficient one to hack a phone to listen to calls is using a monitoring application. Cause if it was possible to record others phone calls remotely no one would have had privacy!

AnyControl Android call recorder is your ultimate choice for monitoring. Setting it up is easy and takes a few minutes. Create an account, buy a subscription plan and install the app on your target device to get real-time data remotely. Once the app is installed you can record calls automatically without them knowing. Record your target user’s phone calls and monitor their communications to make data driven decisions. The best point is that AnyControl allows you to listen to someone's phone calls without them knowing for free. There is a 24 hours free trial to check the call recording feature along with other solutions. To record phone calls free contact  customer support department via online chat or WhatsApp to get your free trial now!

Remote Call Recorder
Best Hidden App to Record Call

Best Hidden App to Listen to Phone Calls

When searching for a way for listening to someone else's conversation you may come across various devices or software applications that are used to record record calls on android or ios. But how to choose the right app to record phone calls secretly and make sure the target user will never notice?

We claim that AnyControl is one of the best solutions to record and listen to calls on someone else’s mobile phone. You can listen to voice conversations and video calls without the target person’s knowledge. AnyControl call recording feature works in hidden mode, so your child won’t know you’re listening to their conversations. This mobile tracking application makes it possible for parents to know what kids have said during a phone call with friends, family, and strangers. 

What makes AnyControl an ideal choice include:

  • Hidden mode
  • Easy setup
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Social media monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Free trial

So install the app now and make sure your kids are not into something risky with strangers and they are not communicating with people you do not approve of using AnyControl live call recording app. You can always access and listen to recorded phone calls on your user account whenever you want.

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Beyond a Call Recorder

AnyControl is not just a call recorder app! You can use a variety of monitoring features to take control over your target device’s activities remotely and secretly. 

  • instagram tracking
  • telegram monitoring
  • Whatsapp Monitoring
  • Viber Monitoring
  • Twitter Monitoring
  • Snapchat Monitoring
  • Phone Call Monitoring
  • SMS Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Instagram control and monitoring sent and received direct messages, calls and all activities of the target person in the Instagram app secretly and remotely.

  • Telegram control and tracking Telegram messages, calls, shared media and all the activities without having access to the target user’s device.

  • WhatsApp Control and monitoring sent and received messages, calls and shared content on this app remotely and secretly.

  • Viber control and monitoring messages, shared media, voice and video calls and all activities remotely

  • Twitter control and monitoring target user's shared content, activities and personal messages secretly and remotely

  • Snapchat control and tracking all activities, shared content and messages remotely.

  • Call control and monitoring all incoming, outgoing and missed calls with exact time and duration in detail

  • SMS control and monitoring all the sent and received text messages on the target user’s mobile phone.

  • GPS control to track live location and monitor visited locations remotely, accurately and at any time.

FAQ about phone call recorder app

FAQ about phone call recorder app

Here are some of the frequent questions about hidden phone call recorder to listen to someone's phone calls remotely. If you have any further question about using this feature send message to customer support via online chat.

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mis Sherburn

3 days ago

Hello, i've a problem in receiving the recorded call files... can you please help me??

Anycontrol: Hello, please send a message to the online chat on the site so that they can guide you


1 week ago

it was best & easiest app that i've installed to do this, thank you much🙏🩶


2 weeks ago

Ky mere dialer pe dikhega ki mai call recording kr raha hun ?

Anycontrol: No, all activities will be saved in your user panel after recording.


2 weeks ago

Should we also install the app or only kid?

Anycontrol: The app should only be installed on the kid's phone


3 weeks ago

thank you, i had a problem receiving the other person's voice, which your support team resolved quickly and respectfully🙏💕


1 month ago

Can we record calls even if using a wireless headphones

Anycontrol: According to the different devices and hardware that exist, you should test this item and then check the result


1 month ago

can i test Does this program really work?

Anycontrol: Yes sure! Please send message to customer support via online chat to get free license.


1 month ago

Hi can you please give an explanation about the any conrtol call recorder app? and that it records calls live?

Anycontrol: Hello, sure! Yes, AnyControl is the best application that works secretly on the target device and lets you record incoming and outgoing calls secretly and remotely.


1 month ago

With this app, no one will notice that the calls are being recorded?

Anycontrol: AnyControl call recording feature allows you to record calls on your target device secretly and remotely.

Chemaswet Aideed

2 months ago

Am interested in this

Traci Fay

2 months ago

how can i secretly listen to my son's calls with this?

Anycontrol: AnyControl is a secret call recorder that works in the background with no notification and no app icon.


2 months ago

this means that it records the sound of the surrounding environment where the person in question is located for us, right? cool!!


3 months ago

Its great app n this option is one of the best in my op.🤟


3 months ago

please! I need this app, how can I get it???

Anycontrol: To get the app, send a message to the online chat support unit on the website


3 months ago

The recording is good and accurate, the recording quality is relatively high i like it👍


3 months ago

its an amazing call recording app!!!


4 months ago

I have always wanted a call recording app🥹

Marri Ananda Rao

4 months ago

I want free trail for a day

Anycontrol: Hello there. Please send message to customer support via online chat or WhatsApp to get quick answers.


4 months ago

It's not just a Call recording app, it's a multipurpose control app, right? it's cool!!


4 months ago

This feature that can save recorded calls is interesting!

San Diego

4 months ago

Esto puede ayudar mucho a conocer la realidad y a conocer a las personas. Creo que esta opción es una de las herramientas más importantes de esta aplicación.


4 months ago

Will it be possible to get my kids recording when he is not recording calls in his divice?

Anycontrol: Yes!


5 months ago

I love all the features and the support they are giving, recommend it a lot!

Stephanie Flournoy

5 months ago

Is this legal in Georgia

Anycontrol: If it is for children under 18 years of age.


5 months ago

How long is the information kept?

Anycontrol: In case of no license reset and no app deletion, all logs from last 6 months are stored and available in your panel.


6 months ago

If im using iphone and my child used Android is it work

Anycontrol: Yes sure. Only the target device must be Android.


8 months ago

Does Anycontrol work in all countries?

Anycontrol: Yes sure all users across the world can use our features.


8 months ago

Will the target device receive notifications about activities on any control?

Anycontrol: Not at all. There would be no notification and no app icon. AnyControl is not detectable.

Venkateswara Reddy Bukkasamudram

8 months ago

How I get calls of other people congratulations in our mobile phone

Anycontrol: You can install AnyControl on your target device and record all calls.


8 months ago

Can we track both outgoing and incoming calls?

Anycontrol: Yes sure. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded.


8 months ago

How to listen to someone's phone calls without them knowing

Anycontrol: You can use AnyControl call recording feature.


10 months ago

Very informative blog


1 year ago

If Ur child is truly in some concerning or immediate danger, this app is the BEST damn tool I've ever come across. Parents will save their child with this app!

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