How To Send Automatic Direct Messages On Instagram

Automatic Direct Messages On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps around the world and currently has more than 50 million users. This platform is one of the apps that can greatly improve online business. Many customers make their purchases from online shops that are active on Instagram. Instagram is one of the leading social media networks in this industry that enables businesses to interact with their customers with posts, stories and reels. The possibility of responding DMs, voicing opinions in the comment section can help building trust. 

One of the new features of Instagram in its update for business account owners is "Automatic Direct Message". In this article, we are going to learn how to enable auto-reply for Instagram accounts. Stay tuned.

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Can You Automate DMs?

Instagram direct automatic response allows users and clients to receive immediate answers to their questions.These answers are prepared answers to frequently asked questions set by the account’s owner.

By preparing frequently asked questions and their answers, business owners can increase the speed of direct response and become more customer-oriented.

There are two types of Instagram auto-replies:

  • Auto reply: prepared short answers, which are displayed in the chat section of Instagram to avoid rewriting duplicate answers or to use in case of timesaving. These answers can be sent by you during the conversation with the customer and when you are online.
  • Away message: Answers are prepared to common customer questions such as, how to order the product, discounts and festivals, prices, addresses, and checking customer complaints. When you are offline, the customer enters your chat page and selects the question. They receive their answer for each question by just clicking on it.

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The Benefits Of Automatic Direct Messages

In order to generate more income and more credit, business owners should look for better solutions to attract customers. One of the factors that helps attract customers is responding on time. In this section the advantages of using Instagram automatic direct Will be discussed.

Usually, commercial or business pages on Instagram have many followers, and it is not possible to respond to all customer DMs, story replies, and primary messages at the moment. If you ignore the messages sent by your followers and do not respond to them, in fact, you will lose a customer.

  • The speed of response, preparing frequently asked questions, respecting the customer's time and even the possibility of voicing suggestions and complaints automatically provide customer satisfaction.
  • By seeing the number of FAQs, you are building trust and creating an ideal picture of your brand. So the customer will be assured that you are the owner of a professional business page with many customers.
  • It is possible to respond at any time of a day in a few seconds, so with this method you don't need to hire an administrator to respond to client’s messages and your statements as the manager will be directly transmitted to the customers without the possibility of any errors.

How to Set Up Automatic Reply on Instagram Business Page

There are different ways to activate the automatic message of Instagram and it is possible to buy a robot account and also to connect Instagram to Facebook.

❗️Before reading the rest of the article, note that only business account owners can use this feature, and private account owners cannot enable this feature.

You can use Instagram settings to apply automatic direct replies. Based on the screenshots, follow the instructions.

  1.  Enter the settings of your Instagram account.
  2.  Find "Creator" and click on it.
  3.  In this section, you can add ready-made messages and answers.
  • Click on the "saved replies" option to respond instantly to the customer and access all the answers in the Instagram chat.
  • Click on the "frequently asked questions" option to prepare them.
  • Use "welcome message" to set a welcome message when they have just followers of your account and are new to your page.

set auto reply dm

Finally, just type your message for each of these items.

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How to Access Saved Replies on Instagram

Use the previous tutorial, on how to add "saved replies" so that you don't need to spend a lot of time writing duplicate messages. Now, if a customer directs you and you want to use these ready-made messages on Instagram, what should you do?

To do so, it is enough to click on the ready message icon using the image below, so that the list of messages that you have already added will be shown to you.

If you haven't added a message yet or you want to add a new message, click on the "+" icon and create a ready message that you can use later.

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Instagram Stories Auto Reply 

Unfortunately, even on the latest Instagram update, it is not possible to receive information directly after replying to the story. if your customers reply to your stories, you cannot respond to them automatically. But if they enter your page and send you a direct message, this feature is efficient and useful. 

However, it is possible that the feature of automatic reply to the story will soon be added to the features of Instagram. If you insist on enabling instagram automatic story response, robots might be recommended, though, there is a negative aspect of using them,they are not secure and they might obtain your personal and account information. 

How to Send Media Through Automated DMs

Unfortunately, Instagram, with all its wonderful features and new updates, has not provided the possibility of sending voice messages, videos, and photos directly. 

To do this, you need to use third-party bots that are not related to Instagram itself. For instance,If you want to send a photo of your debit card number, you can use these robots. However, using third-party tools that are not provided by Instagram itself, may not be suitable from a security point of view.

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FAQ about Automatic Instagram Responses


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