How to Check Someone’s Instagram and Read their Direct Messages

check someone's instagram

How to check someone’s Instagram account? Have you ever wanted to check other people's Instagram accounts and view their direct messages? With an Instagram account, we all can see the public profile of other users once we follow their accounts, but if we want to check someone’s Instagram private activities and direct messages, we cannot because only the account owner can access personal information. If you are looking for a safe way to check Instagram and read other people's direct messages, read the rest of this article to learn the best possible method.

Methods to check someone’s Instagram

There are different methods available to view people's Instagram and get into their accounts. Choosing any of them depends on your purpose. For example, if you want to check someone's Instagram posts and stories, you just need to have an Instagram account and visit their profile. If the person has a public account, you can easily see their shared content, otherwise, if the account is private, you must request to follow.

If you intend to check people's Instagram to access their direct messages and personal activities, you should use Instagram hacking methods, which we have mentioned some of the most common ones below.

  1.  Access the target user’s emails to find Instagram password
  2.  Access and check other people's Instagram using Keylogger 
  3.  Use monitoring applications to view other people's direct messages

With a bit of research, we will find that the first two methods are not efficient enough and are complicated. The best way is to use monitoring apps. So, if you want to know how to check someone's Instagram, the answer is simple: Monitoring Application. These apps allow you to access someone’s phone and all the apps on it remotely and secretly.

How to check someone's Instagram account?

In order to check someone's Instagram and see their shared content, we can refer to their profile on this social media platform. If you cannot see the person's posts and stories, it means that the account is private and only followers can see the shared content. Of course, you can always view people's Instagram profile photos without following them. 

If you want to check someone's Instagram and monitor their communication, the best way is to use monitoring applications. These apps are installed on the target device and capture all the information, including:

  •  Location logs
  •  Instagram activity
  •  Activity of messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.)
  •  Calls and SMS
  •  Typed words

The important thing about using these applications to check other people's Instagram is their secret function. After installing the app on the target phone, there will be no icon or notification. So the person will never know that you are monitoring them.

view insta direct

How to view someone’s Instagram direct messages?

Instagram Direct is a place for private communication in form of text messages, voice or even calls. One of the main concerns of families is the communication of loved ones on Instagram Direct. Anyone from anywhere and with any purpose can send a message to someone on Instagram Direct.

You can easily view your child's Instagram direct and monitor their communication with AnyControl, which is one of the best and most efficient prenatal control apps. You only need to install the app on your target user’s phone to remotely and completely secretly view Instagram direct messages. As you can see in the photos in the next section, you can access all conversations and Instagram direct messages of the target user. Click on each conversation to view the details along with the exact time of sending and receiving. In addition, the app takes random screenshots from the target user’s Instagram and saves these images in your user panel.

So, if you want to see other people's direct, download Any Control's Instagram monitoring app right now. Note that if it was possible to view Instagram Direct without an app and remotely, everyone could access each other's messages, and thus the security of the Instagram platform would be questioned. So don't be fooled by false advertisements about this.

How to check get into someone’s Instagram step by step

If you want to know how to get into someone’s Instagram and access their direct messages, just follow the instructions below step by step.

1. Create an AnyControl account

Go to the registration page and complete the form.

sign up anycontrol

2. Purchase a license 

Once you log into your account, you can purchase a license from the device section in the menu. Various payment methods and licenses with various prices are available.

buy license

3. Download and install the app

Now you have to download the app from and install it according to the installation video. Note that the app will be hidden after installation.

how to install

4. Check target user’s Instagram

Now, just log in to your account in AnyControl and select Instagram from the social media section so that you can check someone's Instagram direct messages with full details.

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