Instagram Quite Mode: How to Turn It On and Use It

Instagram Quite Mode

Instagram has rolled out a lot of new features over the past few months, many of which have raised questions about how they work. Quiet mode is a relatively new feature released by Instagram to "help reduce the number of notifications a user receives while helping to overcome smartphone addiction." So if you see a small crescent moon icon under the profile name in the direct inbox, it means that the user has turned on quiet mode. Read the rest of this article to learn more about Instagram's moon mode and find out how to turn it on.

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What is Quiet Mode on Instagram Messages?

You might have faced this message when sending DM to someone on Instagram:

Wasn't Notified About This Message Because They're In Quiet Mode.

This means that the notification of your message will not be sent to the person, because the Instagram quiet mode is activated.

Quiet mode is an account setting in the Instagram app that any user can use to silence app notifications. As mentioned earlier, Instagram sees this as an opportunity not only to improve user account settings, but also to help fight smartphone addiction, which is more practical than many realize.

Using this feature, Instagramers can silence notifications (including messages) so that no one is disturbed when they are busy or taking a break. Smartphone addiction is a reality for many Instagram users, and the Quiet Mode setting aims to help people who may be struggling with such an addiction.

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How to Turn on Quiet Mode

We've explained what the moon on Instagram DM is and how it can help anyone struggling with smartphone addiction. Now if you want to activate it for your account you need to go through simple steps and you can even set a specific time for it to be activated.

If you want to turn on quiet mode on instagram android and iphone follow the instructions below step by step:

1. Open the Instagram app, then tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

 2. From your profile, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen to open the settings menu. Select the "Setting and Privacy" option.

3. Select the "Notifications" option.

quiet mode insta

4. Here, find and select the "Quiet Mode" option. Next, you can turn it on.

turn on quiet mode instagram

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If you want to disable the Instagram quiet mode, follow the same steps and disable the switch next to the quiet mode.

Quiet Mode Instagram Turn Off and On Schedule

By default, Instagram activates the quiet mode between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM so you can sleep soundly. The app also allows you to manually change the moon mode timing. You can choose any time you want, but there is a catch. The maximum duration you can activate quiet mode cannot be more than 12 hours. Here's how to do it:

1. Repeat all the steps described in the previous section to reach the Instagram night mode settings.

2. Tap the timer next to "From" and enter the time you want Instagram's quiet mode to automatically turn on.

3. Now tap on the timer next to the "To" option and enter the time when you want the Instagram moon mode to automatically turn off.

schedule quiet mode insta


FAQ about Moon on Instagram DM


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