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instagram your activity

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of users around the world. The main reason for this popularity is the continuous improvement in adding new and exciting features. It might be interesting for some people to know how much time they have spent browsing Instagram pages and liking posts, making stories, posting, etc. Your Activity feature on Instagram makes it possible. Read the rest of this article to learn more.

What is Your Activity Feature on Instagram?

One of the most important purposes of Your Activity on Instagram is to inform users of the duration of using the app, so that they can manage the time browsing Instagram. With two billion users, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms in the world, and some users may become addicted to it. 

Your Activity feature is perfect for those who spend most of their time on Instagram. It also includes other data such as liked posts and comments that you have left so far, deleted or archived posts and stories, Instagram search history, links and websites from Instagram, Instagram posts and highlights management, account history management and many more that we will discuss in this article.

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Time Spent on Instagram

Excessive time on Instagram can lead to procrastination and distract individuals from other tasks. Managing time spent on Instagram is important since this app encourages users to watch videos, posts, stories and new shared content, causing the audience to spend a lot of time on it.

To avoid this, Instagram has provided the feature "Time Spent" to manage users activities and even set notifications when they are spending excessive time on the platform.

To check this feature follow the instructions below:

1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to open the menu.

2. Select the "Your Activity" option.

time spent on instagram

3. Scroll down and choose "Time Spent".

time spent In this section, you can check the average time spent on Instagram in the last seven days.

To manage time on Instagram, you can use the "Manage Your Time" options:

Set Reminder to Take Breaks

If you stare at your phone screen for a long time, you need to take breaks. You can manage your activity by limiting the time you spend on Instagram before getting a notification. Tap on "Set reminder to take breaks" option and specify the time. If you spend more than the specified time period, Instagram will send you a warning to close the app and take a break.

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Set Daily Time Limit

By choosing this option, you can set a daily time limit. For example, if you set a time period of one hour, if you are active for more than one hour during the day, Instagram will send you a warning about excessive usage and asks you to close the app.

daily limits

Manage Instagram Content

Instagram offers its users the ability to sort and manage content. This feature helps you choose what content to archive or sort.

The next feature provided in the Your Activity section of Instagram is managing posts, reels and highlights of your account. You can sort them by publication time or even delete them.

To check this feature follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the profile section and click on the three lines on the top right of the page. 

2. Select "Your Activity" option.

instagram content3. In the "Content you shared" section, you can choose your post, reels or highlights.

All your uploaded contents are available. For example, choose one of your posts, tap the top three dots and apply the desired changes. You can hide likes, edit the post, disable comments or share in other apps and even delete it.

Manage Interactions on Instagram

Users interact with each other with comments, likes and messages on Instagram. Your Activity feature allows you to view photos you've liked or comments you've left.

1. Go to the profile section and click on the three lines on the top right of the page. 

2. Select "Your Activity" option.

 3. In the "Interactions" section, you can see all the logs.

manage interactions

To review your Instagram likes, enter the "Likes" section. Here you can see the 300 posts you liked recently. If you want to remove your likes on some posts, you can choose it and then tap the "Select" option and then choose "Unlike". During the same instructions, you can also manage your comments.

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Review Account History

Users can easily find and review their entire account history including name and username they have used, biography, email changes, etc. This may be useful as many users may want to look at how they used Instagram in the past.

  1. Go to the profile section and click on the three lines on the top right of the page. 
  2. Select the "Your Activity" option.
  3. Select the "Account History" option.

Now you can review your account history, including any changes in bio, mobile number or email address, even the date of creation of your account.

Review Instagram searches

With Instagram's Your Activity feature, you can check your recent searches and delete them if necessary.

  1. Go to the profile section and click on the three lines on the top right of the page. 
  2. Select the "Your Activity" option.
  3. Enter the "Recent searches" section.

 All Instagram accounts you searched for are listed here. Remove that account from your search history by selecting the small x next to the username. You can clear the entire search history by selecting the "Clear all" option at the top of the screen.

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Review Visited Links on Instagram

You must have come across some advertisements from different websites on Instagram and by clicking on these links you have been redirected to websites. You can check the links you have visited through Your Activity on Instagram. Just select the "Link History" option in "Your Activity" and check and re-evaluate all the sites you have visited before.

Instagram posts and stories Archive 

You may have temporarily deleted or archived certain posts on Instagram. Or you are looking for stories that you published in the past. In such cases you can enter the "Archived" section to view your past stories or archived posts.

Archived posts and stories


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that you can easily get addicted to. Many users complain about the problems they face to manage their spent time and activities in the app. With your activity feature, easily manage time spent on Instagram as well as many other activities.

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