How to enable Screen Capture permission on Android?

enable Screen Capture permission

Is permission required for capturing any device screen? Yes for sure. If you are using third-party apps that capture your screen you need to grant “Screen Capture Permission” to them. Applications like monitoring apps will start capturing everything that is displayed on the target device’s screen. So in the installation phase you need to enable screen capture permission of these apps.

How to allow screen capture on Android?

When installing monitoring or spy apps you may face a warning message that states the app is capturing your screen data. To enable screen capture permission on Android devices follow the steps below:

  1. Wait for the pop-up warning message to appear.
  2. Select checkbox “Do not show again” to avoid getting the warning again.
  3.  Click on “START NOW”.
  4. You may get another message warning about the risk of sensitive info exposure, Click on “START NOW” again.

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How to enable screen capture access on Android?

Android asks for permission from the user before any application records screen as following. This is a standard Android feature and is not a part of the app.

So when installing any specific application you may face a message saying:

“This app will start capturing everything that's displayed on your screen.”


After you select "Start Now", you have enabled screen capture access for that specific app on your Android device.

Keep in mind that in case you do not enable this permission the app may malfunction. There might be some lost logs and information as well.

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Its Remu

5 months ago

it works! thank👌👌


10 months ago

i am not able to get that option 😣


10 months ago

I turned it all on and it still says to record u need permission in order to perform screen recorder

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