How to Find Out Who Owns an Instagram Account

How to Find Out Who Owns an Instagram Account

With the increasing use of social media platforms like Instagram, the desire to know and identify the account owners has also increased. Someone may have followed you and you want to know who it is or even seek to identify the owner of a fake Instagram account. In this article, we have reviewed different methods to find and identify the owner of Instagram accounts. So if you want to know how to find out who is behind a fake page and owns the account, read the rest of this article.

Find Owner of Instagram Account Free

Anyone can choose a username on Instagram. One of the fastest ways to identify the owner of an Instagram account is its username. Also, checking the account information and biography can provide useful information about the account owner.

But we know that anyone may choose a random username that is different from their real name. This is also true for the Instagram profile picture. That is, although you can identify the owner of an account by viewing the Instagram profile picture, the person may not have used his own picture.

So, the fastest way to find out who owns an Instagram account is to check public information such as username, profile picture and biography, provided that the account owner has used his real information!

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How to Find Out the Phone number of an Instagram Account

The phone number that you enter when creating an Instagram account is considered to be your personal information, that's why you can't easily find the number of the owner of the Instagram account. But there is a trick that can be used that we will teach you.

If you want to know how to find the email of an Instagram account you can also use this trick by choosing recovery with email address.

  1. Go to your Instagram account and hold your finger on the profile until the "Add Instagram account" option appears and click on it.
  2. Then click on "Log into existing account".
  3. On the Instagram login page, click on "Get help logging in".

    click on "Get help logging in"
  4. Enter the username of the account you want to find the owner of.
  5. Now click on "Send an SMS".
  6. The first and last digits of the owner’s phone number will be shown to you.
    The first and last digits of the owner’s phone number will be shown to you.

Note that you cannot view the number in full and only a part of it will be shown to you. This allows you to guess the person's phone number, especially if he/she is one of your contacts.

Find Who is Behind an Instagram Account Using Contacts

By using the feature of synchronizing contacts on Instagram, you can find your contacts’ Instagram pages. If your contacts have created an Instagram account with the same number, using this method you can find who owns an Instagram account. To do this, follow the instructions below step by step: 

  1. From the profile page of your Instagram account, click on the three lines icon at the top of the page. 
  2. Enter the "Settings and privacy" section in the menu. 
  3. Select the "Account Center" option.

    Select the "Account Center" option
  4. Now click on "Your information and permissions". 
  5. Select "Upload contacts". 
  6. Activate the "Connect contacts" tick.

    Activate the "Connect contacts" tick

Now all the people whose phone numbers you have saved and who have created an account on Instagram with their numbers will be shown to you.

Other Methods to find Instagram Account Owner

There are other methods that you can use to identify Instagram account owners. 

1️⃣ Account contact information

 If information such as contact number or email has been added to your target account, you can contact the owner directly. To use this method, go to the target Instagram page and click on the "contact" button at the bottom of the profile to view information such as the phone number or email address of the owner of the Instagram account. 

Account contact information

2️⃣ Mutual followers 

You can check the mutual followers or ask them about the account. For example, if some of your close friends are your mutual followers, you can ask them to find out if they know the owner of the page or not. 

3️⃣ Through direct and social networks

You can communicate with a person by sending a message on Instagram Direct or other messengers such as WhatsApp and ask for their identity. Of course, this method is not useful for finding the owner of a fake Instagram account, because most likely you will not hear the truth.

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