How to create an Instagram account: Step by Step Guide

How to create an Instagram account

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform. It’s an excellent way to share photos and short videos called Reels, and privately message friends, family, and others.

It’s never too late if you don’t have an account already. Here’s how to create a new Instagram account.


How to sign up on Instagram

The instructions for creating a new Instagram account are generally the same for all devices. So, this guide works with any smartphone. Also, you can use the following 4 methods to create a new Instagram account , which we will show you the step by step tutorial. 

Creating an Instagram account on Google

Did you know that you can create an account on Instagram without using a phone or tablet?

Creating an Instagram account on Google and through the web is easier than ever. When you open an account using an email address or Facebook login, you can even send photos or messages just like on the Instagram mobile app.

To register for a new Instagram account, All you have to do is follow some simple steps:

  1. Go to in a web browser. You can use any web browser on your computer, such as Chrome, Safari, or Edge to access Instagram on your computer. 
  2. Tap on “Sign up”.
  3. Fill out the sign up form. Enter your email address, full name, the username you'd like to use on Instagram, and a secure password to get started. 
  4. Click the blue "Sign Up" button. It's at the bottom of the form. Your new Instagram account is now ready to use! 

⚜️Many of Instagram's best features, like direct messaging and the ability to create photo and video posts, are now available in your web browser.

🔺While it's not possible to create a story using Instagram on your computer, you can still view other people's stories just as you would in the mobile app.

💠If you already have a Facebook account, you can skip filling out the form and choose to link your new Instagram account to Facebook. just click “Login with Facebook”, enter your Facebook login details, and then click “Login”.


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Create New Instagram account without a number

If you’d rather not give Instagram your phone number,or if you’ve lost access to the number you used when you signed up, there are simple ways to login. Now, we’ll explain how to create an account and sign in without providing a number, as well as what to do if you’ve lost access to your account and you can’t use your phone to get a recovery code. 

For creating a new instagram account without a phone number, you can Sign up for Instagram with your email address. When you create your Instagram login, you can choose to use an email address instead of a phone number. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch the instagram app on your device.
  2. Tap “Sign Up with Email or Phone Number” if you’re on an Android device, or “Create New Account” on an iPhone or iPad. Enter your email address, then tap "Next".
  3. Instead of a phone number, click on email and enter your email address.
  4. Then, create a username and safe password.
  5. Now, fill out some profile information and add other required details to create an Instagram account without a phone number.
  6. That’s how easy it is to sign up for an instagram account without a phone number.

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Create New Instagram account with a number

For creating new instagram account with phone number, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the instagram app.
  2. Select the “Sign up with phone number”.
  3. Type your phone number and then tap “Next”.
  4. Instagram sends you a verification code to your phone number. Enter the code and then tap “Next”.
  5. You’ll be prompted to create a username and password. Then tap “Sign up”. Now you sign up for an instagram account with a phone number.

Create New Instagram account with email

There are a few things to consider when registering and creating a new social media account. For Instagram, the first thing you need to decide is how to create an Instagram account. With an email address or phone number.

The good news is that both options are easy to choose. If you want to create an Instagram account with email, you can probably go ahead and use it.

With an email address, you can easily track your login information and reset your password if you forget it.


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How to create a fake instagram account

Assuming you want to know more about how to create an Instagram account without anyone knowing, read the explanation in this section:

It is possible to create an Instagram account without anyone's knowledge. You can use a fake profile picture and bio to create a fake Instagram account. Also , you should not use any personal information in your bio. This is to ensure your identity remains anonymous.

Once you have created a fake name and email address, you can open the Instagram website and sign up for a fake Instagram account. After entering your information, you should confirm your email address.

instagram wants you to confirm your email address you provided. You can use the verification link which is sent to your current email address.

After verifying your email , you can use your Instagram account.

Create New Instagram account on iphone 

Creating an Instagram account on an iPhone is so simple and easy. With a few steps, you can set up a new account and start sharing your photos and videos. we will introduce you to how to create an instagram account for iphone.

  1. Open the Instagram app and press the profile icon In the lower right corner.This will open a pop-up window showing all accounts you’re logged into.
  2. Tap “Add Account”.
  3. Click “Create New Account”.
  4. Choose a username for your account. Then tap “Next”. Remember you must pick a unique username, otherwise you will receive an error that your username has been chosen by someone else.
  5. Then, choose a safe password.
  6. Now you can complete the instagram login or add a new phone or email. If you choose “Complete Sign up”, it will be using other email and phone number information. We recommend that to prevent your account from being locked, enter your email address and phone number.
  7. Enter your email address or phone number. Then tap “Next”.

You’re all set!


FAQ about How to create an Instagram account


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Can you do this on a home based computer ?? I don't have a smart phone.

Anycontrol: Yes, sure.


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I still don't understand what you can do on instagram that you can't do on Face Book ???

Anycontrol: Hello dear, in instagram app you can use voice calls and video calls and other options that facebook doesn't have.


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Very helpful and explained in easy stepwise detail, covering all essential areas...Thanks

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