How to check login activity on instagram | Instagram active sessions status

How to check login activity on instagram

Hackers are interested in obtaining users’ personal information, such as photos, bank account information, or security passwords! But how can you tell if your Instagram has been hacked? Let's take a look at how you can determine if your account has been compromised by checking Instagram login activity and learn how to remove Instagram active sessions.

How to find out who logged into my Instagram

To find out if someone has hacked your Instagram account or not, you need to check Instagram active sessions status. So if you are suspicious of any activities such as strange posts or messages sent from your account let us see how to check instagram login devices in this article.

Rather than that, there are some simple signals that help you figure out if someone else has accessed your Instagram account.

Investigate unusual activities on your account

One way to tell if someone else is using your Instagram account is to check the activities that aren't yours.

This could include content you haven't posted, followers you don't know, or people you don't remember following. Or even messages you haven't sent or received.

These are for sure signs that someone has access to your account and you can find out by checking your Instagram active sessions.

❓How is it possible to hack an Instagram account? Read the linked article to learn more!

Check Instagram login devices

All you need to do is to go to your account’s settings and find login activity. Instagram login activity provides limited information to account owners. It only records the date and time of each login, nothing about the associated IP address or other identifying information.

However, if you know that you didn't use Instagram on, say, June 1, 2023, and yet there are six logins for that date, you should know that someone else has access to your account. In this case, change your Instagram password immediately.

In case you have noticed instagram login activity with the wrong location while you are sure that it was you, you may have changed your phone ip with a VPN or manually.

Instagram emails about changes you haven't made

If someone requests a change to your Instagram account, the platform will send an email to the designated address to confirm the change. If you haven't made any changes to your account and you see these emails, then there's no doubt that someone else has access to your account.

If you see such an email, act quickly to secure your account. Immediately change your password on Instagram and any other accounts that use the same password.

Keep in mind to not to click on the link sent to the email as it may be a phishing attempt. Instead, log directly into Instagram and enhance your account’s security by changing your password.

Also, if you can't access your email inbox right now, you can see what the platform has sent you in settings. Simply click on "Settings" and then "Emails From Instagram" to access the emails that Instagram sends you.

How to check login activity on Instagram

Here is a step by step tutorial to check Instagram login devices on iPhone and Android.

  1. Open Instagram app.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the app to open the menu and select "Settings".
  3. Tap "Security" to review security features.
  4. Tap on "Login Activity" to open the details of your current Instagram active sessions. Instagram will also ask if it was you!

How to check login activity on Instagram.png

How to delete Instagram active sessions

After going through the above instructions, you will see the message asking "Was This You", in the section you will find maps with the exact location of the login along with the device model. If you recognize the activity and it's your device, click "This Was Me".

If the device/location on the map is unknown, click "This Wasn't Me" to remove active sessions on Instagram. As this means that maybe someone has accessed your account, Instagram requests a password change as a preventative measure.

FAQ about instagram active sessions


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