How to Change Email on Instagram Without Password and Logging in

change email on insta

Instagram is a popular social media platform with about two billion active users across the globe.

These days, there is hardly anyone who does not have an Instagram account and does not use it. You can register a phone number and email for your Instagram account or even after adding email to Instagram, change or delete them for any reason. In this article we are going to learn how to change email on Instagram or delete your email from your account.

Why Do You Need to Add Your Email on Instagram?

By adding email to Instagram, you can make sure that if you are locked out of your account, or your account is inaccessible for any reason, you can use your email to restore your Instagram account. Therefore, registering an email on Instagram is just one of the steps you should take to keep your page safe.

How to Add Email to Instagram Account

If you have not entered your email address when creating an Instagram account, since part of the security of your Instagram account depends on your phone number and email address, you can add it at anytime. To register an email on Instagram, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and select the "Edit Profile" option.
  2. On the profile settings, select the "Personal Information Settings" option.
  3. Choose "Email Address" from the available options and enter your email address.

How to Change Your Email on Instagram

If you have created a new email account or have another email that you prefer to use, or even for security reasons and to prevent Instagram hacking, you want to change your email address on your Instagram account, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to your Instagram profile.

2. Select the "Edit Profile" option.

3. Select "Personal Information Settings" at the bottom of the page.

change instagram email

4. Choose "Email Address".

5. Delete the previous email address and enter the new one.

delete instagram email

6. Instagram will now send a confirmation link to your new email address. Go to your email inbox and tap on the link sent. This step is mandatory to confirm the new email address.

7. Select the "Confirm Email Address" option to confirm your email.

cofirm email change

After registering or changing your email address, make sure to pay attention to the following tips:

  •   Make sure to always remember your new email password when you change your Instagram email.
  •   For more assurance and security, check that you have backed up your email; Otherwise, register a backup for your email.

When you want change your email or register a new email, use an email that you have access to. Because when you forget your password or want to recover your Instagram account, the six-digit Instagram code will be sent to your email. So if you do not have access to your email address, you cannot recover or change your password on Instagram.

How to Delete Email on Your Instagram Account

Can you change the email address linked to your Instagram account? The answer is yes, you can easily delete your email from Instagram account temporarily or permanently. 

Before you delete your Instagram email address, make sure you have added your phone  number. If you want to remove your current email address on Instagram, you can't do it without adding your mobile number. If you do not have access to the phone number you entered before, you can change it. Click on the link to learn how to change your phone number on Instagram.

To delete your Instagram email follow the instructions below step by step:

  1. Enter the Instagram app and go to your profile page.
  2. Select the "Edit Profile" option.
  3. Now, to delete the registered email address, select the "Personal Information Settings" option at the bottom of the list.
  4. You are now in your personal information menu. Select the email option.
  5. Delete your email address and select the blue check mark in the upper right corner.

Now, to make sure whether the email address has been deleted successfully or not, there are two methods:

  •  You can return to the "Personal Information Settings" section and check your email address.
  •  Instagram will send you an email for further assurance, the content of which will specify the date and time you deleted your email address.

Change Instagram Email Without Logging in

If you want to change your email on Instagram without password you just need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Instagram and in the login page tap “Forgot password?”.
  2. Enter your username and tap “Next”.
  3. No tap “Can’t reset your password?”.
  4. Submit a support request to change your email address on Instagram without password.

FAQ about Changing Instagram Email


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