How to get rid of copyright claims on Instagram?


Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks in the world. Recently, Instagram's copyright law has imposed severe restrictions that many users find unpleasant. Since 2017, this platform has established strict copyright regulations, preventing users from sharing content that infringes on another person's rights.

Copyright, also known as reproduction rights, is a law designed to protect content producers. It grants the exclusive right to the producer of a registered work to use the benefits of that work, so that no one else can use it without her permission. The main objective of this law is to protect the efforts, time and costs that writers, readers and artists have invested in the creation of their work.

Violation of these rules may result in the temporary or permanent closure of your user account. But how can you solve the music copyright problem on Instagram? in this blog, we will teach you how not to infringe copyrighted music on Instagram.

What is music copyright on Instagram?

Copyright is a legal endorsement that protects the works of artists, writers, musicians and other creative people. This right gives individuals the ability to control the use of their work and prohibits unauthorized activities by others.

Imagine that you are creating an extraordinary image or writing a beautiful story. Copyright ensures that you are the one who decides how that image or story is used. Others may not copy or publish without your permission.

Therefore, whenever you see the copyright symbol (©) on a book, song or work of art, remember that it means that the creator has legal rights to that work and you should respect those rights by avoiding publishing it without their authorization.

What can I do to avoid copyright?

As we all know, the creator of a work has both material and moral rights. Whether it is a painting, a piece of music, a verse, a story, a film, a photograph or anything else that is the property of the author, in that case, all rights to the work are reserved for the creator. When you face a deletion error for your post or story due to the use of background music, it means that the creator of the work has not given you or anyone else permission to post it.

However, we are simply ordinary users and have no intention of infringing rights. Given these circumstances, how can we solve the music copyright problem on Instagram? Next, we will teach you several methods to bypass music copyright on Instagram:

Use sound effect at the beginning of the music

The first method to avoid copyrighted music on Instagram is to edit the music of your video or image. To do this, you will need additional software. Nowadays, there are many sound editing tools available that can add effects to your desired music. If you have at least a basic knowledge of how to use these apps, you can use them to add effects to music.

  1.  First, upload the video with the desired song in the application.
  2.  Now use the "voice effect" option to apply the effect that is most consistent with your music.
  3. After adding the effect to the desired music, Instagram, even using its robots and artificial intelligence, cannot identify the song as official music with a name.

Trim the music video

Generally, it takes at least 30 seconds for Instagram to detect copyrighted music and send a blocking warning.

To fix copyright issues on Instagram Stories, you can use any music you want, no matter what song it is, but you should only post 28 seconds of the music in your post or story.

Even if it's a little more or less than a few seconds, Instagram will notice and your video will be blocked.

Download copyright-free music on Instagram

To download copyright-free music on Instagram, there are several ways. You can search the phrase "Instagram no copyright music" on Google and find different sites. You can download and save songs from the Pixabay website and, depending on your preferred style, use them on your Instagram.

Increase music speed

Turn up the speed of the music a little. For example, if the speed of the music is at 100, increase it to 105. This trick can also be used using sound editing software.

Remove a few seconds of music

Remove some music from the beginning and let the video start without music, now "split" the music every few seconds.

By doing this, you create a pause in the music, which confuses Instagram and doesn't allow the music to be recognized.

Contact Instagram Support

When you face an error on Instagram and select the warning message, you can see that Instagram has explained to you the reason why they deleted your video. At the end of the message, you will find two options.

By selecting the "Remove Video" option, your video will be removed and will not be published. However, by choosing the blue "Appeal" option, you can explain to Instagram that you do not intend to abuse this music. If you are completely sure that you have paid the copyright to the owner of the work, choose the "I agree" option on the new page.

Select the "I have all rights necessary to upload this content on Instagram" option and then enter your name in the "Electronic Signature" field.

Mention the creator

You can write the name of the creator or their album in the title and, if they have an Instagram account, tag them in your post. After that, you can use Instagram English copyright texts in the title. For example:

 🔺Copyrighted and proud

 🔺All rights reserved, except for sharing on Instagram

🔺 Creating copyright-worthy content like a boss

 🔺This content is protected by copyright magic

 🔺Capturing moments and copyrights

 🔺Giving credit to the creative minds behind the content

Using the music feature on Insta

In the end, the safest way to use music in your posts and stories is to use the "Music" feature on Instagram. With this option, you can choose the desired singer or music and publish your video.

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How to find out if the music is copyrighted?

To find out if a song is copyrighted, you can use YouTube.

  1.  First, log in to your account. If you don't have one, you must create a YouTube account.
  2.  Upload a video to YouTube.
  3.  Now add the desired music.

⚠️ If the song is not copyrighted, a green checkmark will be displayed, but if it is copyrighted, you will see a red checkmark.

In addition to YouTube, you can also use the eProves site. On this website, you will find many collections of songs. To recognize a copyrighted song through the eProves site, you can type the name of the song and the singer in the search field to see if you have the right to copy it or not.


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