Ways to Hide WhatsApp Profile Photo From Individual Contacts

hide whatsapp profile

Do you know that it is possible to hide WhatsApp profile pictures from specific people or contacts? You may not want a certain person or persons to see your photo. For any reason, if you intend to open the profile picture even for certain people and other people do not have access to your picture, this article is for you. hide your profile picture without blocking people.

How to Hide Profile Picture on WhatsApp

If you are looking to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from a specific person or in general, follow the steps below to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from contacts, but remember that every time you want to hide a specific person To add your hidden profile picture view, you need to follow these steps. This feature is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

1️⃣Open the WhatsApp application.

2️⃣ Tap on the Settings tab.

3️⃣Tap in the bottom right corner.

4️⃣Tap on Privacy.

5️⃣ Tap on the profile picture.

6️⃣ Tap on My Contacts Except (My Contacts Except).

7️⃣ Select any contact you don't want to see your WhatsApp profile picture.

8️⃣ Tap on Done in the upper right corner.

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Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture From All Contacts

It may not be enough to hide WhatsApp profile pictures from specific contacts and in fact you just want to hide it from everyone or those who are not in your contact list. If you want to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from everyone, follow the steps below.

  •  Open the WhatsApp.
  •  Tap on the Settings tab.


  • Tap in the bottom right corner.
  •  Tap on Privacy.
  •  Tap on the profile picture.



  • Tap on (Nobody).
  •  Tap Done in the upper right corner.



🟢 If you want only your contacts to see your profile picture, follow steps 1-4 and then select My Contacts.


What Happens When You Hide Your WhatsApp Profile Picture?

When you hide your profile picture from certain people, you can still send and receive messages with the contacts you normally choose. Instead of your photo, they will see a gray circle with the person's icon, this is what happens if someone blocks you on WhatsApp, only in this case, the messages and calls will not be lost.

But if you want only unknown people or groups to which you are invited to not see your photo, just give the contacts access to see your profile photo and there is no need to hide your profile from everyone.


hide whatsapp profile


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