What is cyberbullying and how to protect your child against it?


With the advancement of technology and the widespread use of the Internet, crimes related to cyberspace are also expanding. Cyberbullying is one of the things that happens in the internet space. Research shows that 1 out of every 5 teenagers has been a victim of bullying or cyberbullying. 

Internet users can become victims of cyberbullying based on their race, religion, gender, and appearance. As a result of this incident, the victim can suffer from many problems such as sleep disorders, fear, depression and other problems. In this article, we are going to talk about cyberbullying and how to protect yourself and your children against it.

What is cyberbullying?

In the phenomenon of cyberbullying, people will send a series of photos, videos, or even threatening content to others with electronic devices such as computers, phones, etc. which will definitely put a lot of psychological pressure on the victim and may involve him day and night. People who do such harmful and incorrect behaviors generally intend to physically or mentally harm the victim. The victims of this trend always need the emotional support of those around them because they endure a lot of psychological pressure. 

Virtual space has many advantages, but unfortunately some people use different programs and software to forge documents and annoy others. Remember that in such a situation, it is better to fully discuss the problem with the police so that they can help you to solve the problems in the shortest possible time.

In cyberbullying, bullies use the online space and digital devices to harass or extort others by intimidating, threatening, and humiliating them. These bullies have different methods for their work:

  • Sharing people's photos, secrets or private information
  • Hacking other people's pages in social networks and online game rooms
  • Creating and spreading annoying and embarrassing rumors about individuals
  • Creating mental insecurity by sending nasty pictures, videos and messages
  • Publication of racist and violent content
  • Creating social pages in one's name and publishing falsehoods
  • Making memes or stickers of the victim's private issues
  • A group attack on the social pages of people who are against you
  • Cyberbullying is mostly used for children and teenagers; But adults are not safe from it either.

7 ways to avoid being a victim of cyberbullying

Prevention is always better than cure; In order not to fall into the trap of online extortionists, it is better to use the following solutions:

  • We need to increase our knowledge about the online platforms and tools we work with; What is their mechanism and how to increase their security. The more we master these tools, the more sensitive and accurate we are when working with them.
  • Avoid sharing and exchanging information and content that we are sensitive about publishing in this space.
  • Close the entrance to your online pages, e-mails and digital devices and consider a high security lock and password for them. Putting fingerprints or 2-step passwords, strong and far from the mind, will be a strong barrier against the intrusion of forceful trolls.
  • Do not use unknown devices and public places to do your online business.
  • Don't ignore the friend requests we send and receive too easily. It is better to expand our circle of friendship on social network pages with more knowledge and reflection.
  • Take the daily police advice and warnings seriously and do not click on suspicious links.
  • Do not try to install an app on your phone or PC without making sure it is valid.

How to protect your child against cyberbullying?

Today, children and teenagers spend a lot of time online. Every day, they use smartphones, tablets and computers to do their schoolwork, gather material for their class research and communicate with their friends and family members.

Texting and using social networks creates an opportunity for bullying. In the digital era of protecting the mental health of children and teenagers, the virtual space and social networks are a tangle of confusion that legislators around the world are trying to prevent from harming the character of the future builders of society by passing strict regulations.

Therefore, parents play an essential role to prevent this psychological damage. But how? How to know if your child is the victim of cyberbullying? 

By using AnyControl parental control app on your child's device, you can take the necessary precautions before your child gets trapped, and you can also understand any unwanted situation. As parents you can receive and monitor information such as the child's location, calls, SMS, messages sent and received on social networks and Images that are shared on the child's phone.

How to spot if your child is a victim of cyberbullying

There are several common signs that are considered as warnings. If your child is experiencing  any of these, it might indicate that he/she is being targeted by a cyberbully.

Unusual physical change 

  • If your child has suddenly lost weight 
  • If your child suddenly lost appetite
  • If your child has trouble sleeping
  • If your child looks stressed out 

Avoiding people and quitting social media platforms

  • If your child begins distancing themselves from family and friends
  • If your child suddenly quits social media 

In an age where young people invest a lot of time into building their digital presence on social media platforms.

Rapid mood swings

  • If your child shows noticeable nervousness
  • If your child is experiencing sudden mood swing
  • If your child gives snappy answers to your questions

School avoidance and loss of interest 

  • If your child regularly avoids going to school
  • If your child is experiencing loss of interest in a hobby or passion

Keep in mind that sometimes you may not notice any of these. So always try to make conversation with your child and let him/her feel he/she can rely on you. 


It can be very challenging for children to admit they are being bullied and speak out about their experiences. It is important that parents are able to spot if their child is a victim of online abuse or harassment. Anycontrol helps you detect cyberbullying in early stages before more complicated things happen.


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