Video game addiction | symptoms and treatment methods for online game addiction

video game addiction

The increasing number of technology-related tools and the lowering of the age of their use, in addition to its undeniable benefits for human life, are not without disadvantages. One of the serious problems of the technology era is the excessive use of online and video games by children and teenagers, which in most cases have a negative effect on other academic, social and skill aspects. Is addiction to computer and online games recognized as a disease and disorder? What are the signs of video game addiction and how can parents help children in this situation?  So, as you probably noticed, in this article, we are going to talk about the symptoms and treatment of online game addiction!

What is video game addiction?

Today, the word addiction is not only used for drugs, but also gained wider definitions.

Addiction means a strong and uncontrollable dependence about anything, so that giving it up causes mental or physical stress for a person.

Therefore, video and online game addiction means that the person becomes strongly dependent on this type of hobby, so that it has a negative effect on their other daily activities, and they cannot easily stop playing games.

Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes video game addiction as a disease, and in the 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), it has been introduced as a behavioral pattern due to dependence on video and online games, it has negative effects in academic, occupational, family and social aspect.

Causes of online game addiction among children

The main reason why children are addicted to video games is to fill their free time. Since these games are attractive and exciting, most children do not have a proper understanding of them, so they choose online games to entertain themselves.

Another reason why a child is drawn to online games is that while playing, they imagine themselves instead of the game characters and try to achieve the goal of the game.

In addition, many games are played as a group and team, which makes people connect closely with each other and will eventually lead to your child's dependence.

But that's not all. Video games are designed to be addictive by using the most advanced methods of behavioral psychology. In online games, your children experience a very large amount of dopamine secretion, which can change the structure of their brain.

Common signs of video game addiction

Too much of anything is bad”. The harm of online games affects the mind and body of children.

By examining the disadvantages and harms of computer games, we will help you to save yourself or kids from the trap of video game addiction.

Some of the mental and psychological problems that children may get into by online game addiction are as follows:

Violence, aggression and negative impact on the child's morals

Usually, the distinguishing feature of computer and online games is warlike mode, which over time has an effect on the children's spirit and strengthens the feeling of being aggressive and a warrior in them.

Academic failure

Involvement of children's and teenagers' minds in online games is one of the reasons for their academic failure. Computer games are not harmful only if they do not distract a person from studying. But if the child spends a lot of time on it and this playing leads to a decrease in the child's concentration, you should prevent it.

Lazy mind

Over time,video game addiction will lead to the child's mind becoming lazy.

Because these games are made by others and the gamer uses it. This means that the person (children) does not have the power to make changes in the game. As a result, it makes him lose his self-confidence against the achievements of others and feel that he does not have good mental ability.

Excessive mental busyness

If your child is addicted to online games, he will think about it even when he is not playing. If a child is too mentally occupied with playing, his playing is harmful.

Lack of control

Online game addicts cannot control the amount of time spent on the computer. They may start playing with the intention of spending 20 minutes, but continue playing for hours. This affects their studies and other hobbies.

Ignoring other things in real life

The child prefers to stay at home and play than to be with friends and spend time on other things. They may also be weak in studies and skip homeworks.

Taking Guard about addiction

They don't want to discuss their video game addiction with you. When you ask them about the amount of time they have spent playing, they attack you. This is a sign that something is wrong, especially if they are indifferent to the fact that their friends and family have no part in their lives.

If the child becomes addicted, his behavior may change drastically. 

Even if your child or teenager shows two or three examples of the above behavior patterns, you should intervene.

Physical problems

Addiction to computer games brings many physical problems. For example, a person has vision problems due to staring at the monitor for a long time. Also, due to sitting a lot, the person will face problems with ossification or shoulder and wrist.

Among the other harms of computer games that involve a person's body are skin problems that are caused by exposure to harmful rays.

Treatment methods for children video game addiction

There are many ways to treat children's addiction to online games. Below, we will discuss some of these solutions.

Talk to your child

Help your child.They may resist and deny that one part of their work is lame, but don't lose hope and patience. Tell them how concerned you are that they are spending long hours playing. Try not to judge. They may be embarrassed.

Set a time limit

Don't throw away their game console or computer to solve their problem. They may lodge and still play outside, which can be even more problematic. Talk to your child and set time limits. Set aside time every day for them to play. You can reduce their playing time from three hours a day to two, one, and so on.

Encourage your child to stick to the schedule and set a good example by keeping your laptop and smartphones away.

💡Are you looking for a parental control app that helps you specify time limits for using different applications on mobile or computer? Try AnyControl now!

By downloading and installing the app in less than 5 minutes, you can access all the information of your children's mobile device, set a specific time for online games, and if you intend to let your child not use an application or website, add it to the block list.  

Consult a therapist

If your efforts at home don't work, refer them to a therapist or enroll in a drug addiction treatment program. Counseling guides them on the path to recovery.

The therapist may suggest cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that focuses on changing the child's thoughts and feelings. This approach is the most popular way to treat video game addiction, which involves replacing constructive thoughts with unhealthy thoughts about gaming, as well as reducing the amount of time spent playing games. You should follow this path by rewarding them for following the new rules, constant reminders to stop playing, and engaging the teen in other activities.

Have you or your kids ever experienced video game addiction? Share your ideas and solutions in the comments.

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Thank you for your good blog. My son is addicted to the games and now I want to proceed with the mentioned methods and see what happens

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