How to screenshot on snapchat without notification and someone knowing

snapchat screen shot without notif

Snapchat is one the most popular social media platforms that offers entertaining features and has millions of users all around the world. One of the features that has both positive and negative sides is the screenshot notification on snapchat. Anytime you take a screenshot of a user’s snapchat, the user gets notified. But is there any way to take a screenshot on Snapchat without someone knowing?

Why snapchat sends screenshot notification

Snapchat cares about users' privacy so it sends notifications when your account is screenshotted. Snapchat screenshot notification helps protect privacy by letting you know who's saving a record of your content. 

Before you take a screenshot of someone's Snap, consider that they will be notified. This works the same for screen recording on Snapchat. If you screen record any user's snap, they will receive notification informing them that you are doing so.

Is it possible to take screenshots on Snapchat without notification?

Since Snapchat announced the screenshot notification mechanism users have tried everything, such as putting their phones on airplane mode and force-quitting the app before Snapchat registered the screenshot. Snapchat closed off many of these avenues but there are a couple of avenues left open.

🟨 Keep in mind that in the past users were able to screen record Snapchat content without notifying the user but now the other user receives a notification for both screenshots and the screen recording function.

Ways to take screenshots on Snapchat without someone know

Snapchat is one of the most dangerous social media apps, especially for kids and teenagers. As a parent, you want to know your kids are safe. That may be one of the reasons you will need to take screenshots from their snapchat activities. So do you want to make sure they’re chatting with people you approve of, without alerting them that you’re taking screenshots?

As you may know snapchat messages (including pics) can be set to disappear. But what if you can take a screenshot of a Snap before it disappears?

Use AnyControl monitoring app

AnyControl is an advanced parental control app that can be used for snapchat tracking. AnyControl lets you screenshot Snap stories without notification.

Install AnyControl on your target user’s device to see all their Snapchat conversations, including deleted messages. The app hides and runs in the background so they’ll never know you’re using it to monitor their Snapchat activities.

AnyControl records all the activities and messages. But that is not all. It also takes screenshots and saves it to your Control Panel. So you can log in at any time and see a visual representation of their Snapchat activity. 

Grab their phone

If you can access their phone without them looking, grab it. Then simply enter their snapchat and take a screenshot. When you’re done, close Snapchat. Now go to the Photos app on their device and share the screenshots in any desired method. For example, if the device is an iPhone and you also have an iPhone you airdrop the photos and then delete them. 

Use another camera

Finally, you can use your phone camera to take pictures from their snapchat activities. When they aren’t looking, grab their phone and take pictures of their snapchat activities with your camera. Since nothing is saved to their phone and no screenshots are physically taken on their device, you can be sure that they will never know.


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