Download Odin the latest version 3.14.4


Odin program is the most reliable and famous flash software on Samsung brand phones and tablets. If you have a Samsung brand device and you intend to flash the official ROM or any tar or md5 format package such as recovery, root file on it, you should be familiar with this program. Previously, Odin was not available for all operating systems and it was inconvenient for Linux and Mac users. Finally, the XDA developer team made available the download version of Odin for Mac, which is known as JOdin3. This was a port of the Odin Windows version.

In this article from Anycontrol, we decide to review the key features of this program, how to Free download the latest version of Odin and download Odin for Windows and Mac. So stay with us.

Free download Odin the latest version

Odin, by providing a safe and reliable solution, is the best way to flash and install software packages on Samsung phones.The interesting thing to mention about this app is that it supports almost all the smartphones that Samsung offers. With that, you can flash your Samsung device from the latest model to the newest one. Now, follow the next sections to download Odin for free on Windows and Mac.

What systems can Odin theoretically run?

Odin software is made for Windows, and it will run easily in all Windows such as: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP. Of course, it may be possible to run it on the Mac operating system through some methods.

Download odin windows

By using this program, users can easily install their desired ROMs on the device and benefit from the new features of their device's operating system earlier than the official release. 

To run this tool, you need a USB driver to connect to your smartphone. Compared to some other competitors, Odin has better speed and a simpler interface with no bugs.

Now, for download Odin Windows click on the link below:

Version 3.14.4 | 4.36 MB

Version 3.13.3 | Odin3_v3.13.3 2.5 MB

Version 3.12.7 | 1.25 MB

Version 3.11.1 | 982.67 KB

Download odin Mac

Do you want to download Odin for Mac? If you are looking for a way to flash your Samsung device on Mac, you need to download Odin latest version.

Before downloading and installing JOdin3, there are a few requirement you should know:

🔹You need a Mac with an Intel processor.

🔹install the latest version of Java on your Mac.

🔹Install the Android SDK on your Mac.

Download Odin Mac the latest version from the link below.

What are Odin features?

In this section of Anycontrol, we will learn about some features of Odin.

Official Flash ROM

The most used Odin software is for official flash ROMs with md5 format. If your device has software problems such as high battery consumption, hangs, slows down, or some parts are not working properly, the best way is to flash ROM for your phone or tablet model.

Flash custom ROM (unofficial ROMs):

You can flash unofficial ROMs that are available on the Internet.

Root file

The root flash file specific to your device model is one of the best ways to root a Samsung brand phone or tablet.


Cornell flash is done for the main changes in the Android phone or tablet. You can flash a special file for your Samsung brand device with Odin software.


You must also flash the recovery file on Samsung devices with Odin.

FAQ about download Odin

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