How to Send Location and Live Location on Telegram

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The same situation occurred to all of us,where we needed to share our location with someone because of different reasons such as getting lost. One of the features of the Telegram application is sending location, which allows you to share your location withTelegram users. In this article, we will discuss in detail and with screenshots about how to send the location onTelegram.

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Telegram Location Settings

First make sure you have given Telegram the permission to access your location. You can turn on “always” mode if you want to let Telegram track your location anytime, or “while using the app” only when you open the application. 

To grant location access follow the steps below:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to “Apps” and find Telegram
  3. Enable location access for Telegram.

telegram location settings

While sending the location on Telegram the app may ask you for location access, confirm it. 

How to send location on Telegram iphone

Sending location on Telegram iPhone is straightforward. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the target user’s chat screen, tap the attachment icon at the bottom of the screen on the left 
  2. Tap location. 
  3. Then choose “send my current location” just in case of sharing where you are right now.

location telegram ios

Send location in Telegram Android

Sending location on Telegram for both Android and iPhone users are quite the same. If you have not allowed Telegram to access your location when you have installed the app you need to go to settings and grant location access to Telegram app.

Though, there are two ways of sending location; one via, the other one, by Telegram directly.

If you are looking for a GPS tracker app make sure to try AnyControl!

First Method: send location via google map or apple map to Telegram users

  1. Open google map on your phone, find or select your location.
  2. Tap share and choose Telegram among suggested apps. 
  3. Find your contacts and tap send.  

 Second Method: send location directly from Telegram

  1. Open Telegram, click on the chat you want to send message; then, click on attachment icon at the bottom of your Telegram screen 
  2. Click on “location”.
  3. Tap “send selected location”.

send location telegram android

How to share live location on Telegram

First let's checkout the difference between your “location” and “live location

  • While you are sharing your “selected location” the user won't be notified if you move and you're sharing a fixed location. 
  • When sharing “live location” the user will be informed if you move, also you can choose how long your location is shared live!

Follow these steps based on the explanation and screenshots to send live location on Telegram:

  1.  Open Telegram, click on the chat you want to send a message; then,click on the attachment icon at the bottom of your Telegram screen. 
  2. Click on “location”.
  3. Tap “share my live location for ..” ( you will have this chance to choose the duration of time you want to share your real time location and it varies between 15 minutes to 8 hours. )

live location telegram

How to open location on Telegram get directions 

It might have happened to you that you've been given the location but you couldn't figure out where to go and how to find the address; luckily, Telegram provides you with a service in which you can ask your suggested apps such as map, to give you directions. Checkout these screenshots for better understanding.

  1. Tap the location, a new window will be opened and choose “get directions”.
  2. In this window choose one app in which you like to guide you through the process of finding the address.

track location telegram

FAQ About Sharing Location on Telegram App


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