How to sign up in Linkedin and create account


LinkedIn is recognized as a professional and business social network in the digital world that allows individuals and companies to expand their professional relationships in their field of work, share information related to their profession and in a network that is designed only for Expertise. 

Like other social networks and similar platforms, LinkedIn is not just for building friendships and expanding social connections; Rather, its main use is building and reviving strategic relationships and improving job status.

What's Linkedin?

LinkedIn allows users to create a professional profile and share their information including education, skills and work experience. These profiles are known as an online version of people's CV and help people to connect with different people in their industry and find new jobs or suitable work opportunities and work as a freelancer and remote work.

Because of its focus on professional communication, job searching and professional networking, LinkedIn is recognized as a unique platform for personal and organizational development. This platform allows its users to communicate with professionally relevant people in a safe and authentic environment and benefit from various resources to improve and progress in their careers.

The LinkedIn social network started its activity in 2003 and today it has more than 65 million people specializing in various career fields and more than 500 million users. They are present in this network and use it to develop or improve their services and businesses. You can also have a personal account or create a page for your company.

What kind of people are allowed to use Linkedin

To know if LinkedIn is good for your business, first of all you need to determine your target market. You need to know if the product or service you offer can have fans in a specialized social network or not!

LinkedIn for personal accounts:

Users can create an account by registering on LinkedIn. Write your background and skills in your profile and communicate with others (employers and employees of other companies). Unlike other social networks, this communication is strictly business related and the content shared on this social network should be related to the job or industry you are engaged in.

Through these activities, employers can get to know people and find the workforce needed by their company among the users; This is why LinkedIn is sometimes referred to as an online resume, and you will definitely need it to expand your business.

LinkedIn for companies:

 LinkedIn allows companies to set up a dedicated page for their business. Now they have a public page where they can share their work activities on their private page with others so that users can follow the news and activities of their favorite organizations. All this leads to more awareness of that brand and the company is gradually known among people.

Beginners step by step guide to create Linkedin account

Anyone can join LinkedIn. But if you are an expert or a company, LinkedIn can be a very suitable option for you. In order to become a member of the LinkedIn social network, you can apply through the LinkedIn application and website.

The LinkedIn application is available for both Android and iOS devices, download and install for Android operating system through Google play and for iOS from the App store. After installation, enter the LinkedIn application. When you open the application, you will be faced with a screen with three options.

🔹Join now option is to register on LinkedIn.

🔹Join with Google option is for registration through your Google account or gmail.

🔹 The Sign in option is for entering the LinkedIn account.

Once you have completed the registration process, you can activate your location so that others can find you better. Also, if you are an employer, you can announce that you are an employer in your profile.


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Start creating account on Linkedin

Your personal LinkedIn account is like your business card, so enter the information carefully.

1️⃣ Login to the LinkedIn site

Go to To create a LinkedIn account, you must select the "new to linkedin" option. If you have already created an account, just enter your email and password.


2️⃣Choose email and password

Enter the desired email and password that you want to create a LinkedIn account with.



3️⃣ Adding name and surname

Write your full name and surname. Be careful, if you are planning to create a LinkedIn company account, you should not enter your company information in this section and you should only enter your personal information.



4️⃣ Enter mobile number

Enter your mobile number to receive the code.


5️⃣Add location

Add your location. Make sure that the chosen location must be the same as the IP of the country you are working with on LinkedIn.

6️⃣ Entering educational and work information

At this stage, if you are working or have studied, select your field of work and if you are studying at school or university, select the "I'm a student" option and enter your education information.



7️⃣ Email confirmation

In this step, enter the code sent in the email you have already selected.

8️⃣Job seeker

At this stage you have to choose whether you are looking for a job or not! If you are looking for work, it will be displayed in green below your profile picture. Don't worry, whenever you are looking for a job, you can activate this option in your account.



9️⃣Establishing communication

At this stage, LinkedIn offers you to create a connection for yourself to start. You can continue this work by selecting one or more people.


1️⃣0️⃣Add profile picture

Add your profile picture. Make sure that the photo you choose must be official and transparent.



1️⃣1️⃣Complete work

After following one or two people and sending the code again, your profile will be created.



Creating a professional LinkedIn account


After creating an account on LinkedIn, it's time to upgrade your account and professional activity!


Complete LinkedIn profile


The first step to become a professional user is to complete the user profile. You should in your profile section; Write your name and surname, field of activity, education and work background. Note that the incompleteness of your profile can lower your score in LinkedIn searches and reduce the number of visits to your resume or job offers. A professional account looking for jobs, recruitment and networking should be public so everyone can see it.

Linkedin profile url

In LinkedIn, you can customize your profile url. In this way, users find your account more easily and you can share your address on social networks and the web with less trouble.



Writing a professional job title

Below your profile name is a section called Job Title. The more professional your title is, the more users will visit your profile. This will increase your LinkedIn score.

Writing a biography

Another important part of the LinkedIn profile is writing an impressive summary of yourself or your activity. Audiences will get a better view of your activities and experiences by reading the summary; As a result, they will communicate more with you.




The LinkedIn social network is a great space for creating proper communication and networking. One of the parts of LinkedIn is Recommendations. In this section, you can recommend suitable companies to others. It is better to put your communication methods in your profile to create a better connection with your customers or colleagues. Contact number and email are among the ways of communication.

Determining the content strategy

To become a professional on LinkedIn, you need to interact well with others and value your audience. This value is different for everyone, one is interested in new information in his field of activity and the other is interested in education. So you need to move forward with a targeted strategy so that your audience is sure that they will get useful information from following you.

Creating a LinkedIn company page

To create a company account, first of all, note that your personal account must be separate from the company account, and then proceed according to the instructions.

Separating the work account from the company account

Many professional LinkedIn users complain about having a corporate and personal account. LinkedIn has provided the ability of corporate accounts to the audience so that they can use this type of account for their company and collection. So be sure to separate your personal account from the company account.

  •  Go to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  •  Go to the LinkedIn Pages section
  •  Then click on Create your Page option.


Company Description:

 Tell other users about your point of views, work history, values, and provide a description of your products and services. Share posts about customer rights, the difference between your company and other companies, the employees of your collection, etc



Location:  Add your store or workplace locations. You can add multiple addresses by selecting +Add Location.


Hashtag: Adding up to three hashtags will make your profile more searchable. Choose hashtags that are commonly used in your industry and that best describe your business.


Cover Photo or Background: Add an attractive background photo to your profile. Choose an image that represents your business. Avoid photos that are too crowded or cluttered. Recommended size is 1584px (width) x 396px (height).


Custom Button: Add a button to your profile to encourage action. Buttons can include visiting a website, contacting us, learning more, or registering. Make sure to include the relevant URL so that people who click the button are redirected to the relevant page.


Language management: If you have a global brand or a multilingual audience, you can add your name, logo and description in more than 20 different languages.


Share your page

After creating an account, the most important thing is to inform others about your business and attract customers. Ask your company's personnel and other colleagues and people around you to share and advertise for your page.

With a specific plan, identify people who may be interested in your work and follow you and send them messages. Invite them to interact with you in messages. In this way, you attract potential customers and those who need a company like yours for employment.

When you intend to promote and present your page. Ask customers to follow your newsletter, social networks, and website. Along with this action, be sure to update your page and share everything from work meetings, important decisions to employment matters on the page. In LinkedIn, page admins can invite others to follow the page. Simply go to Admin Tools and click on the Invite Connections option.

Add the LinkedIn button

After creating a LinkedIn business account, add the LinkedIn social media icon to the header or footer of your website or newsletter to make it easy for people to find your LinkedIn page. You can also use the relevant plugins.

How to delete a LinkedIn account?

If for any reason you have decided to delete your LinkedIn account, just follow the steps below:

  1.  Go to the You tab in the LinkedIn website or application.
  2.  Now click on the Account option and then select the Account Preferences option.
  3.  Then it is the turn of the Subscriptions and Payments button and then Account Management.
  4.  You will see a drop-down menu open: choose one of the two options "Temporarily Deactivate Account" or "Close Account".
  5.  Temporary account deactivation: In this case, your account will be removed from user search. But by returning to LinkedIn, clicking on the LogIn option and entering your username and password, you will be able to reactivate the account.
  6.  Close the account: This option is a little more serious. By choosing this option, you will lose all your connections and there is no way back. Your username and password will be completely useless and you will need to create a completely new account if you want to return to LinkedIn.

What are the benefits of joining LinkedIn?

  • Being a member of the LinkedIn social network has unique benefits, some of which are:
  • By sharing quality content, in addition to showing your knowledge and becoming a trusted source in your field, new opportunities will also come your way.
  •  The possibility of communicating with experts in different fields and gaining experience: there are many famous and successful people on the LinkedIn site, and you can use their experiences.
  •  You can create content in your field of work and skill and share it with others.
  •  The possibility of presenting an online resume or, in other words, an Internet business card: by sending your personal address to other people, they can check your personal and professional information.
  •  Getting recommendation letters from experts: These letters of recommendation are very important and show that you are good at your job.
  •  Connecting with different groups and associations: Every field of work and work on LinkedIn has a special group and association that you will be able to become aware of the news of your field as soon as possible by becoming a member.
  •  Knowledge of various news such as scientific seminars and international competitions
  •  Receiving various job offers, internships and also participating in training courses
  •  The possibility of attracting investors for ideas and startups or hiring human resources
  •  Outsourcing company projects to skilled people
  •  Exchange of views and communication with friends and colleagues about different issues: This improves your awareness

the final conclusion

In this article, we talked about what the LinkedIn social network is. This social network is a valuable resource for business owners; Because with the help of this powerful social network, they can expand their communication and network. Also, by attracting financial and human resources, improve their business rank and always be in contact with their customers and potential partners.

LinkedIn is an ideal platform for remote business owners as well as freelancers to connect with new clients and get more projects. If you want to build quality links and connect with experts, we suggest you join the LinkedIn network today and develop your services.


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