Hamster Kombat Airdrop | How to Mine Hamster Tokens


The world of crypto currencies is improving every day and new ways of making money are entering this modern market. One of these new methods are Tap-to-Earn games, where you get digital currency tokens as a reward for tapping. Hamster Combat is one of these exciting and fun games on Telegram. Hamster Combat gained 1 million players 11 days after its release. But is the game worth your attention? Is it as valid as NotCoin or could it be a scam?

If you are planning to try your luck to claim the tokens of this game after the successful output of the Notcoin project, please read this article carefully to the end. Here we have everything you need and the step by step guide to get started and collect coins for this game.

What's a HamsterKombat Game?

Hamster kombat Robot  is a blockchain-based game that operates on Telegram. In this game, you can earn its tokens called (HKC) by raising and upgrading your hamster.

These tokens have real value and can be converted into other digital currencies or cash.

Hamster kombat is a new project and airdrop of Telegram in which Telegram users can choose a digital currency exchange and head it with their hamster to  Earn profit and daily reward in the game.

Hamster kombat is a free game on Telegram that will be able to be listed in various exchanges in the near future due to the creativity of its team and its new updates. Hamster kombat was officially released on March 25 and currently has more than 1 million active users.

How to Play Hamster Kombat?

In Hamster kombat, players fight in different arenas and control different types of hamsters. Each hamster has its own unique abilities and fighting style, from different speed and strength to performing special moves. One of the most important features of Hamster kombat is its emphasis on strategy and skill. Players must learn to anticipate their opponent's moves, execute their attacks and defenses carefully, and increase their reaction speed.

In addition to the standard one-on-one battles, Hamster kombat also offers a variety of other modes and challenges to keep players entertained. These modes include races, time trials, survival mode and more. Players can also upgrade their hamsters with clothes, accessories and have an exclusive style of their own.

Download and Start Playing Hamster Kombat

Hamster kombat Telegram bot is displayed on Telegram, that's why it is not a downloadable game. To activate it, you need to enter its Telegram bot and start making money according to the instructions below and get to know the different parts of the game.

🔸First, open Telegram and search for "hamesterkombatbot" in the Telegram search section.

🔸According to the photos you see, skip the steps and explanations of the game one by one to enter the game.

🔸 Probably you will be  given tokens as a gift for being a new player.

How to Mine Hamster Token

After passing these 4 steps, other steps will be displayed to guide you through the game play

🔸Click on the play button and enter the game.

hamster kombat instruction


On the opened page, you can see the main panel of the game, which has six main sections:

🔺 airdrop: it is currently not possible to use this section.


hamster kombat airdrop

🔺earn: In this section, you can earn more tokens by completing various missions and tasks. For example, in the Daily Reward section, you can get coins for free every day, you can get coins by joining the Telegram channel and following the game on Twitter. This section is very attractive because it pays you 6 million free coins in 10 days. Even if you don't mine a Hamster token in a day, be sure to use this feature and get your daily reward by clicking the Claim button.


play hamster kombat


🔺Friends: In this section, you can get more coins by inviting your friends. You will receive 2000 coins for each invitation, and if the invited person has a premium Telegram account, you will receive 25000 coins as a bonus. By sending the link, the coin will not be activated for you and you can receive tokens only if your friends enter with your invitation link and the tokens will be activated for you automatically.

invite friends on  hamster kombat

🔺Mine: Different sections are designed here. You can increase your profit per hour by viewing various articles and advertisements. This will make the bot automatically extract tokens for you even when you are not online in the bot.

hamster kombat mining tokens

🔺Exchange: In this section, you choose which exchange you want to lead.

🔺Boost: There are a number of options in this section, and by activating them, you can multiply your mining energy. Normally, you can mine 1000 coins every hour and you have to wait an hour to recover energy, but by activating the Full Energy option, you remove this limitation. Currently, the game gives you 6 full energy for free to use whenever you want. You can increase the speed of extraction by using other options, such as multi-hit extraction, which is shown in the picture.


increase mining speed of hamster kombat

Hamster Kombat Daily Cambo 

First, enter the bot and run the game.

The important parts of the home page with descriptions are:

🔺Selected exchange: which can be changed without losing progress.

🔺 Tap profit: showing the amount of energy per tap.

🔺Hourly profit: the main indicator of promotion.

🔺 Progress bar: that shows the level of the player.

🔺 Energy: the amount of energy remaining for the impact.

🔺Boosts: increase energy and hitting power.

🔺 Mine: section for profit promotion.

🔺 Referral link: and introduction.

The main rule of upgrading in Hamster kombat is to spend coins to buy cards that increase passive income. The higher the card level, the more profit it brings. To see the hamster cards section, you must enter the mine section. the higher the level you can get new hamster cards, otherwise this section will be locked for you and you have to pay coins to level up.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to see Hamster Kombat cards and the social networks section will give you millions of coins if it is not locked for you!
  • You can get Hamster Kombat cards by joining Hamster Kombat social networks or reading articles in the legal section.
  • Finally, from the specials section, your hamster combat cards will be activated and you can receive them by paying coins and they will give you an hourly profit.

Main parts to upgrade:

🔹Markets: Cards that increase profits from various market operations.

🔹 PR Team: Improvements related to PR and Team.

🔹 Legal: license to operate in different regions.

🔹Specials: special cards with unique rewards.


hamster kombat daily combo


❌When choosing a card to upgrade, consider the cost-to-benefit ratio. For example, a 10,000 coin card that earns 950 coins per hour will pay off in about 10 hours.


Considering the increasing acceptance of users for this type of games and the high potential of Web 3 technology, it can be said with certainty that a bright future is waiting for click games or tap to earn Telegram. These games are not only a fun way to spend free time, but can also be used as a reliable source of income. There is also a possibility that the Hamster Combat game is related to the Hamster currency listed in the exchanges, so a bright future awaits this token and its players.


hamster kombat


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