Complete Guide On Ways to Make Money On Facebook

make money on facebook

While Facebook may not be as dominant as it once was, it still has an incredibly high number of active users: more than 3 billion compared to Instagram's 2 billion and TikTok 1.5 billion.

Facebook users have many options for making money, from affiliate marketing and running messenger ads to selling items on the Facebook Marketplace.

But making money on Facebook isn't without its challenges, organic post engagement rates are between 1.5% and 2.5%, and those that pay through ads and sponsored content see their reach diminish over time. good news? Facebook still offers exciting ways to make money, many of which are aimed at entrepreneurs and creators who are Facebook followers.

Whether you're looking to make extra money on your own or find more customers for your existing business, here are six ways to monetize your Facebook audience. Plus, the requirements you must meet to do so.

Check your Facebook monetization eligibility

There are a handful of ways to monetize your Facebook content, but first you need to qualify. This means that your Facebook page and the content you post on it must follow the platform's eligibility requirements, which are grouped into three categories.

 Facebook Community Standards: These are the basic rules of the platform, such as no graphic or unsafe content.

 Affiliate Monetization Policy: These are the rules for your entire Facebook page, as well as the content you create, how you share your content, and how you receive and pay online.

Content monetization rules: These are content-level rules that apply to any content you post, such as no violent or offensive content.

To check your eligibility, go to your Maker Studio Facebook section and click on the Earn tab. Select the pages you want to see eligible for monetization. You'll also be provided with additional monetization information about the page.

Create contents and Sell on Facebook Creator Studio

Once you're eligible to monetize your Facebook content, if you want to sell on Facebook, regularly review the platform's community standards, keep your domain clean with high-quality content, and make sure you're posting the right content. you have If for some reason your Page is ineligible, Facebook will notify you via the monetization tab in your Creators Studio along with the reason for ineligibility.

creator studio

How to Make Money On Facebook?

With the advent of social media, Facebook has emerged as a powerful platform not only for socializing but also for generating income. Entrepreneurs, content creators, and even everyday users can use Facebook's diverse tools to monetize their presence. Whether it's by selling products, offering services, or creating engaging content, the opportunities to make money on Facebook are plentiful. This introduction examines various strategies and tips to turn your Facebook activity into a profitable investment.

 1️⃣Make a Promotional Video

In-stream ads capture audience attention and are ideal for creators and brands with significant audiences. When a user is halfway through a Facebook video, they will likely watch an entire ad if it means they can continue to the original content. Unlike a standalone ad in your feed, which is more likely.

example: Bottled water brand LIFE WATER wanted to increase brand awareness and create positive and creative feelings about their product.

So, it ran short ads that ran in the middle of feed videos as well as features like Facebook Watch, showcasing its community art projects through powerful visual stories. The campaign resulted in a two-fold increase in brand awareness and a 1.9-fold increase in ad recall.

Get started: Think about what you want to achieve with your videos and what stories you can tell about your brand. If you want to advertise mid-stream, try adding natural one- to two-second pauses when you create your videos where an in-stream ad can fit.

In addition to meeting Facebook's eligibility criteria, videos must be over one minute long, and influencers need at least 10,000 Page followers to run in-stream ads. These tips apply to brands that want to pay to run in-stream ads.

create contents


2️⃣ Add a Paid Subscription to Your Page

Generate steady monthly income through fan subscriptions, which encourage your most loyal followers to pay a recurring amount to fund your page. This is a great way for brands and creators with large and active audiences to monetize their page and reward fans with exclusive content and discounts. The "Stars" feature allows users to purchase a set of stars to send tips to their favorite creators for more income.

Example: The Vegan Baker has created a separate Facebook group for supporters of the brand. Fans are charged $4.99 per month for access to exclusive content and discounts.

They can also post more tips for content they enjoy through Facebook's stars feature. The Vegan Baker can monetize its active audience while rewarding users with exclusive content. The stars feature allows the brand to see what type of content is performing best and increases engagement with its tight follower segment.

Get started: Fan subscriptions are currently available by invitation only. Users can unlock fan subscriptions when they have 10,000 followers or more than 250 returning viewers, or 50,000 post shares or 180,000 watch minutes.

After receiving the invitation, you can choose what benefits you want subscribers to enjoy, create a promotional video to launch your subscription service, and shoot a thank you video to welcome new subscribers.

paid subscription

3️⃣ Collaborate with Brands

Create content with a relevant and complementary partner to increase reach and diversify your content output. There are many brands that want to work with influencers, creators, and other companies to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness, and this can be a great way to increase followers and generate engagement.

Example: StyleNow Feed partnered with Jasper's Boutique to bring fresh content to followers of both brands. The paid partnership allowed the two companies to collaborate on content relevant to the needs of both audiences, and users could click on each piece of content to learn more about each brand. The two brands are well-aligned and have similar but not identical audiences, meaning they can unlock a new segment of followers by reaching users who already have a strong connection with the partner brand.

Get started: Before you can tag business partners in posts, you must request access. Once you've done this, you can access collaboration opportunities and view insights within Brand Collabs Manager.

This type of monetization method is best for pages with active and loyal followers that publish content that most brands don't consider dangerous.

collobrate with brands

4️⃣Earn Directly From Your Fans

Fans who sign up for Facebook Stars can buy stars to show their appreciation for your content. When a viewer watches one of your live streams, they can tap the star icon to send stars to your creator page. Facebook pays you $0.01 for every star you get on your content.

example: Paula Garcia has a huge following and by creating her own Facebook circles, she can monetize the views, likes and comments she receives. Paula actually incorporates a number of tactics used here to solidify her Facebook monetization strategy, such as getting sponsors for her circles and posting them as Paula Garcia already has a huge following, so it was a no-brainer for her to Use Facebook features that allow him to cash in on the number of views he generates.

Get started: Facebook Stars are only available to Level Up members and managed partners. After signing up, you will be alerted in chat when a viewer sends you a star. You can track your star count in Meta Business Suite.

earn stars on facebook

5️⃣Facebook Live Streams

Attract followers through a live event they can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Facebook's Paid Events feature lets you plan, organize, and run events through your Page, which is great for creators and businesses that host in-person events online.

example: Jasper's Market hosts and promotes a number of events through its Facebook business page. Fans can view a list of events and shop directly from the brand page.

Seeing how many people are interested or participating creates a buzz around the event, while regular reminders ensure that attendees don't miss a beat. Hosting online events helps Jasper's Market reach new audiences interested in different types of events. It also creates interaction between followers who may not all be in the same place.

Enable paid online events on your page and click the Events tab to create a new event. Select the "Pay" option and fill in the required information about your event, price, and a co-host if you have one.

Before you can start creating paid events, your Facebook account and page must meet the eligibility criteria for Facebook monetization.

facebbok livestream

6️⃣Draw Visitors Attention to Your Online Store

Drive shoppers from your Facebook page to your Shopify store through the platform's social commerce features. This is a great way for brands that already have a small business on Facebook to engage customers mid-scroll with shoppable ads and powerful calls to action. You can convert well-performing shoppable posts into paid ads to drive more traffic and define a new target audience you want to reach.

Example: Clothing brand QUEENSHOP wanted to increase sales among fans who were already engaged with its content. It used Facebook's Live Shopping feature to reach customers who were online at that exact moment, driving them to the brand's website via a product CTA in the bottom corner of the page. Live video resulted in a 1.7x return on ad spend and a 3.3% increase in cart ads. By directing shoppers directly to the correct product page, it reduced the number of steps in the shopping process so they could make an instant purchase.

Get started: Add your product catalog to your Facebook page in Catalog Manager and link to related products when you post an image or video. To link to a product during a live stream, click "Feature" below the product or link you want to appear after your video starts.

facebook shop

7️⃣Diversify Your Income

Starting an ecommerce business, selling services, and creating digital products or goods all benefit from using Facebook's massive audience as a sales tool. With the platform's new feature set built specifically for entrepreneurs and brands, it's easier than ever to engage new and existing audiences.

But don't get tied down to just one feature or just one platform. Diversify your offers so that if one platform is closed or banned, you have other traffic streams and income. This is especially important today, when the organic reach of social media sites like Facebook is dwindling and consumers are increasingly skeptical of paid advertising campaigns.

sell products on facebook

Is it Easy to Make Money On Facebook?

Whether it's easy to make money on Facebook depends on your perspective.

Some may find this remote earning opportunity to be a very convenient way to earn money compared to a traditional 9-5 job. Others may find it too challenging to meet the minimum requirements to monetize their content on Facebook.

Regardless of the perceived difficulty of this side hustle, Facebook can be a very profitable platform if you implement the right strategies, know how to create good content, and be consistent.

Final Word

Monetizing Facebook offers a variety of opportunities, from using its marketplace to sell products to monetizing content through ad revenue and sponsored posts. By building a strong follower base and engaging with your audience, you can generate a steady stream of income. Using tools like Facebook stores and affiliate product promotion can increase your income. With strategic planning and consistent effort, Facebook can become a viable platform for generating significant income.


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