Advanced Staff Monitoring software to boost productivity at work

Use AnyControl staff monitoring software to gather information on the activities, working time and location of your staff in real-time and remotely. Monitor staff to protect resources and improve productivity at work.

staff monitoring

Get your all-in-one Staff Monitoring Tool in 3 steps

create anycontrol account

Create an account and choose your plan

Register to AnyControl and choose the plan that suits your needs for staff monitoring. 

install the software

Install AnyControl on your staff's devices

Install AnyControl to have everything you need to start monitoring your staff. 

start monitoring staff

Start monitoring your staff immediately

Log in to your Dashboard to check your remote and in-office staff productivity. 

advantages of staff monitoring

Why monitor staff?

Staff monitoring is a growing practice in which managers and business owners use digital tools to track staff performance and work in progress.

There may be a number of reasons why employers may choose to monitor staff at work. As a business owner you can find out if staff require training by observing their performance using a staff monitoring software. 

Install AnyControl on your staff devices to get comprehensive insights into your staff activities. Our staff monitoring tool automatically collects data on the activity of your staff at the PCs and generates detailed reports.

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remote staff monitoring

Remote Staff Monitoring Software

If you can't check on your teams in person anymore or you are skeptical of remote team productivity, a staff monitoring solution is all you need!

Know what is getting done during the work hours, and have one central system for monitoring your staff progress, AnyControl. Review staff skills and competencies used in their job to boost productivity in your workplace. 

That's not all! AnyControl helps cut down on staff having to provide constant updates on their work as manager and keep track of all activities in real-time. Our advanced staff monitoring software boosts remote staff’s focus, concentration and productivity that all maximize business potential.

Start Monitoring Staff Remotely
Real-Time Staff Monitoring

Monitor Staff in real-time

Use AnyControl staff monitoring tools and methods to track attendance, measure productivity, assess behavior, and collect proof of hours worked. 

AnyControl is a staff monitoring software with screenshots. Screen capture features allow managers to view screenshots of their staff’s screens while working to ensure everyone is focusing on the right priorities.

Staff can record exactly how long they worked each day. As a manager you are in control of when they’re working and when they are taking a break. You can comprehensively analyze and determine actual productivity of your staff at any time remotely.

Real-Time Staff Monitoring software
FAQ about staff monitoring

FAQ about staff monitoring

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