Control staff performance to boost productivity at workplace

Staff control is one of the key elements of human resource management in small and big businesses across different industries. Do you want to take control over staff's operations? Do you want to check productivity of tasks assigned to the company’s staff? Use AnyControl features to improve your staff productivity and track their work-related activities remotely.

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Control Staff in 3 simple steps

create anycontrol account

Register for AnyControl and choose your plan

Create an AnyControl account and choose the plan that suits your needs for staff control.

install anycontrol

Install AnyControl on your staff's devices

Install AnyControl to have everything you need to start controlling your staff.

control your staff

Start controlling your staff immediately

Log in to your Dashboard to check your remote and in-office staff productivity.

importance of staff control

What is the importance of Staff Control?

Taking advantage of a Staff control software is recommended to be developed in accordance with the business’s objective. Using a staff control tool makes it possible to determine the potential of the workforce in the organization or those who work remotely.

That is not all. Staff control plays a key role in the attitude of the staff in the workplace. If they will be informed in advance about the staff control software carried out by managers, the integrity level will be higher for sure.

Staff control tools are used by small and large businesses in different industries and have been proven to be efficient in a company's performance. As a business leader or manager, if you want to establish a trust system to build confidence with your staff, get your control software now.

Control your Staff Remotely
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Advanced Staff Control Software

Your management efforts may be more effective with an advanced staff control software. AnyControl allows you to control your staff’s actions during work, which includes work activities, work time, app usage, internet and phone usage and even location.

By using AnControl features you can create an efficient and functional environment in the workplace. Control your staff’s activities and determine if any one is putting in extra hours or excelling at what they do to reward them with a small prize or praise them. 

Our staff control features include:

➖ Time Tracking

➖ Location Tracking

➖ Performance evaluation

➖ Application, software and website usage

➖ Screen capturing

➖ Call recording

With the rise of remote staff along with in-office employees, tools like AnyControl can help ensure that how much your staff are involved in business and measure their attendance and effectiveness

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Control staff performance

Control Staff Performance and Productivity

Staff control allows a manager to control what staff do during company time, along with how they use resources. The information that is generated by staff control tools can be used to improve work processes. 

Controlling staff’s activity is a measure of the efficiency of a team's workforce. Using a staff control software allows leaders to evaluate each staff individually and the whole team in general to boost productivity and help the company to operate as efficiently as possible.

Staff can prove exactly how long they worked each day and which tasks they have been working on. As a manager you are in control of when your staff are working and when they are taking a break. You can comprehensively control and analyze actual productivity of your staff at any time remotely.

Control Staff Performance
FAQ about staff control

FAQ about Staff Control Tools

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