Advanced GPS Tracker App to Monitor Live Locations for android & iOS

Monitor GPS location of your target user, whether your kids or your employees, easily. As parents you will not need to ask “where have you been?” when you can’t accompany your children by side. Effortlessly track your loved ones or optimize your business operations with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly where they are at all times.

To learn more about this GPS tracker app read the rest of this article or tap on the “see demo” button below to check how it works. Then Install Anycontrol GPS tracker app to monitor their live and visited location and ensure their safety. 

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Track your target user’s location in 3 simple steps

If you want to track someone’s location with or without them knowing just follow these three simple steps to know where they are at any time.

create account

Create an account and choose your plan for GPS tracking

Register to AnyControl website and choose the plan that suits your needs for tracking visited and live locations.

install anycontrol

Install Anycontrol GPS tracker app

Download GPS tracker app and install AnyControl to have everything you need to start tracking GPS including live and visited locations. We made it easy, however, support is always there to answer any question. 

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Start monitoring locations immediately

Log in to your Dashboard and monitor GPS locations to make sure your family and loved ones are safe.

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GPS Location Tracker app for Kids and Employees

GPS location tracker app proves to be an excellent app to acquire important knowledge specially for parents who want to track their kids or employers who want to monitor their employees

Imagine that you could find out where your children and loved ones are and gain peace of mind, knowing that they are somewhere safe. Anycontrol GPS tracking feature makes it possible to control GPS and monitor locations. This is the best cell phone monitoring software and GPS tracker app available in the market that can help you keep an eye on your teenage kids, if you are looking for GPS tracker android or GPS tracker ios. Install AnyControl on your target users’ devices to always know where they are at any moment even if you are not there with them.

AnyControl is not just a GPS tracker android or GPS tracker ios! There is so much more that you can do with AnyControl rather than GPS tracking including monitoring activities on social media platforms. Run AnyControl through simple instructions and the tracking features will start working instantly with real-time reports. It means that you can catch the important information about the user’s location without delay. Keep an eye on your child on the way to school or during a trip from anywhere in just a few seconds with our advanced GPS location tracker. 

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Monitor GPS Locations with High Accuracy

AnyControl GPS tracker app boasts an exceptional level of accuracy, pinning down locations with an impressive precision of just 2 meters. This remarkable feat in location tracking sets AnyControl apart, enabling users to monitor the movements of their loved ones or employees with a heightened sense of reliability

Whether it's ensuring the safety of children or optimizing workforce management, the 2-meter accuracy of the AnyControl GPS tracker app adds a layer of confidence, allowing users to access real-time location information with an unparalleled level of detail. 

This powerful mobile tracker app offers a GPS Location tracker feature that has multiple functions. No matter if you are looking for Location tracker android or Location tracker ios, easily determine your target device’s location in a glance and find lost or stolen phone location.

AnyControl GPS tracker app and Location tracker apk has an easy-to-use interface that gives your kid’s exact location specified by the latitude and longitude coordinates. There is also specific information about places that your child visited in the past if you want to access the GPS tracking history.

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Geofencing App to Define Virtual Borders

Geofencing has emerged as a crucial feature within parental control apps and employee monitoring software, revolutionizing how individuals and organizations manage digital safety and productivity. 

In the context of parental control apps, geofencing enables parents to establish virtual boundaries around specific locations, such as home, school, or designated safe zones. This empowers them to receive real-time notifications when their children enter or exit these areas, ensuring their safety and providing peace of mind. 

In the realm of employee monitoring, geofencing allows employers to define geographical limits for remote and field-based employees. This feature helps employers track work-related movements, optimize workforce management, and enhance productivity. 

AnyControl, as a leading player in the realm of tracker apps and employee monitoring software, stands out with its comprehensive suite of features, including advanced geo-fencing capabilities. For concerned parents, AnyControl's geofencing empowers them to establish customizable virtual perimeters around specific locations, enabling them to receive instant alerts when their children enter or leave these areas. Moreover, AnyControl extends its geofencing prowess to the corporate world, assisting employers in optimizing field operations and remote work. By defining geographic boundaries, employers utilizing AnyControl can gain insights into employee movements, streamline logistical processes, and ensure adherence to work-related responsibilities. 

Set up a geofence
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High Performing GPS Tracking App

Do you want to have a clear answer to the “How to track my child’s location” question? An advanced GPS tracking tool and location monitoring app is all you need.

Monitor GPS locations to know exactly where your children or your employees are in real-time using AnyControl’s GPS location tracker app. AnyControl provides you with an easy-to-read map that enables you to find out their location at any given time.

Whether your kids are going to school or hanging out with their friends, AnyControl GPS tracker application can be used as an advanced tool to get the person’s location in a couple of clicks. Download GPS tracker app if you want to monitor location on android or ios device.

Our advanced GPS location tracking solution is really specific. You can access the latitude and longitude in addition to accurate date and time info. You can review the visited locations and track route history to find out where they frequently travel with ease.

AnyControl offers you peace of mind by making your suspicions disappear or confirming your guesses. Track your target user and find out their GPS location on your online dashboard by registering for AnyControl app. 

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Track their activities and keep them safe

It is easier than ever to monitor your kids activities with AnyControl limitless features to make sure they are safe.

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  • GPS control to track live location and monitor visited locations remotely, accurately and at any time.

  • Call recording and listening to all incoming and outgoing phone calls conversations on the target user’s phone secretly and remotely.

  • Advanced keylogger to monitor and capture all the keystrokes and typed words across different applications on your target person’s phone.

  • Facebook monitoring and tracking all activities on Facebook and its messenger remotely and secretly

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FAQ about GPS control

Here are some of the frequent questions about GPS tracking feature offered by AnyControl. If you could not find the answer for your question in this section you can contact customer support via online chat.     

Comments :
belle hollie walters

5 days ago

its very nice... as long as he is outside the house, it send you the his location and you will know exactly wherr he went. but it needs to be connected to internet


1 week ago

simple way to track location! thank you very much🙏🩵


2 weeks ago

its positioning is accurate and timely!! love it


1 month ago

Is it possible to track only when the internet is active?

Anycontrol: Yes


1 month ago

This program is great and helps a lot to know if our child is healthy or not. It has a good real-time location capability


1 month ago

can i monitore my kid mobile gps with this app remotelly?

Anycontrol: Yes. Install AnyControl GPS tracker on a target mobile device and start monitoring the user’s location with ease.


1 month ago

how does this work?

Anycontrol: Install AnyControl GPS tracker android and GPS tracker ios on a target mobile device and start monitoring the user’s location with ease.


2 months ago

Its much better than the gps tracking gadgets that connect to the car, but its only disadvantage compared to the tracking gadgets is that it has to be connected to the internet all the time.


2 months ago

This app was able to save me from a troublesome life that was about to begin... thank you guys🙏


2 months ago

One of the good things that i like about this app is that app is safe and doesn't harm privacy of kids and goal is only to keep the kids safe.


3 months ago

im satisfied with the performance of this app👍👍👍


3 months ago

2 meters, which is very good, if the accuracy is so high!

Rajab Mulyalya

3 months ago

really i want to harck her


3 months ago

Which app is best for live location tracking?


4 months ago

How accurate does it show the location?

Anycontrol: It determines the location with an impressive accuracy of only 2 meters.

Franklyn Bisset

4 months ago

I always wanted to have a gps tracking app

Peter Walker

4 months ago

I wanna try it it looks like cool n useful!!


4 months ago

How does it work?

Anycontrol: AnyControl records and stores all gps logs into your user panel.


5 months ago

With this app, there is no need for hardware GPS anymore. The accuracy is high and the wrong is low 😁🤍


9 months ago

just wanted to thank you for helping me through this fabulous app. plus I love the design of the app🥰


9 months ago

How would I know if my parents installed this app on my phone? 😯😯😯


9 months ago

Is this a gps log app?

Anycontrol: Yes AnyControl records and stores all gps logs into your user panel.


1 year ago

they will use a strong GPS Location Tracker that keeps you abreast of whereabouts of your kids, spouse, relatives and loved ones.


1 year ago

i love it. the best u do it great 🥺👌🏻


1 year ago

You have really the best app 😍👏🏻


1 year ago

Why didn't anyone say that it doesn't show the location when the internet is off? What's the point of this program? 😒The location will not be updated until the mobile internet is turned on


1 year ago

why it doesnt work ?


1 year ago

Is the software hidden after installation?

Anycontrol: hello dear.Yes, it will be hidden... in Android phones from Android 12 and below and all iphone's


1 year ago

Does it update the location completely real-time and accurately or just show the general range in the general time frame?

sarah jons

1 year ago

I don't want to raise it. But with this control tool, I was able to save the life of my 9-year-old daughter.

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