Control Calls with Most Efficient Phone Call Tracker

Here is the most efficient way to control calls, track call log and record conversations to find out who your kids are in touch with. Use AnyControl advanced tracking features to track every incoming, outgoing and missed phone calls on the target device even if the call log is deleted.

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Monitor phone calls in 3 Simple Steps


Create an account and choose your plan for phone call tracking

Register to AnyControl and choose the plan that suits your needs.

install anycontrol

Install AnyControl on the device

Install AnyControl to have everything you need to start tracking phone calls. We made it easy, however, support is always there to answer any question.


Start monitoring phone calls immediately

Log in to your Dashboard and control phone calls to access everything you need to know with peace of mind. 

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Why you need a phone call tracker

Knowing who they’re talking to is always a big concern for parents. That is why you may be looking for a phone call tracker to help you make sure your kids are only talking to people you approve of.

AnyControl is a phone call monitoring tool that enables users, mostly parents, to control incoming, outgoing and even missed calls, so that they can easily check their children's communication and prevent possible harm. AnyControl records all incoming and outgoing calls so you can listen to all the conversations that your target user has on the phone. Choose the phone call that you’d like to listen to and find out what your kid is talking about over the phone.

Register for AnyControl and access the call logs to discover who they are talking with. You have access to all details including how long each call lasted, when it occurred, and more.

Get Phone Call Tracker
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Call log Tracking never been easier

AnyControl offers an efficient method to monitor your children's call log. By using this powerful phone call tracking tool you will be able to remotely monitor all the communications and calls.

AnyControl is easy to use. You can install it on any one’s device by following a few simple steps. Since the app is hidden and works in the background, you can monitor phone calls and communications on the device without the owner’s knowledge. 

AnyControl is the Best Call Recorder for mobile devices. Once you install the app it starts working instantly and records all incoming and outgoing calls and conversations being initiated on the target device. You can get details about any phone call including the contact info of the other party, dates and durations of all the calls and saved recordings from your personal dashboard. 

Start Tracking Calls
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High performing call control tool

Using our advanced phone call control tool enables you to monitor all the phone calls with exact timestamp while you can be sure that they’ll never know.

If you’re a parent, stop worrying and start enjoying the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for, with AnyControl now. You can check the number of the person on the other side of the call, in addition to detailed information to let you know if they accepted the call or it was missed.

Control phone calls just like hearing them on their phone, while you will not need to hold their devices with call history tracker. You can listen to recordings of all phone calls remotely and instantly. The app records all sent and received calls with the time, date, duration and other details of the calls.

AnyControl call history tracker is packed with everything you need to track phone calls along with other apps and social media platforms. AnyControl runs in the background and creates a log of not only calls, but also anything the owner can do with the smartphone.

Control Phone Calls
AnyControl is beyond a call tracker

Track their calls and messages along with their activities on social media platforms with AnyControl monitoring features.

  • instagram tracking
  • telegram monitoring
  • Whatsapp Monitoring
  • Viber Monitoring
  • Twitter Monitoring
  • Snapchat Monitoring
  • SMS Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • Instagram control and monitoring sent and received direct messages, calls and all activities of the target person in the Instagram app secretly and remotely.

  • Telegram control and tracking Telegram messages, calls, shared media and all the activities without having access to the target user’s device.

  • WhatsApp Control and monitoring sent and received messages, calls and shared content on this app remotely and secretly.

  • Viber control and monitoring messages, shared media, voice and video calls and all activities remotely

  • Twitter control and monitoring target user's shared content, activities and personal messages secretly and remotely

  • Snapchat control and tracking all activities, shared content and messages remotely.

  • SMS control and monitoring all the sent and received text messages on the target user’s mobile phone.

  • GPS control to track live location and monitor visited locations remotely, accurately and at any time.

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FAQ about Call control


Comments :
A Jonas

5 days ago

You are grat, i've been looking for a way to do this for a longgg time!!


1 week ago

are calls recorded both ways? or only my kids voice be saved?

Anycontrol: Yes both


2 weeks ago

this is the best way to listen to someones conversations and track calls👍


1 month ago

after recording and saving the calls inside the panel, is it possible to download??

Anycontrol: Yes!


1 month ago

Unexpected things may happen to your loved ones at any moment, and contact tracing is one of the best options that we can use to know about our loved ones.


1 month ago

i wanna download an app that can use to record-save missed calls

Anycontrol: You can use AnyControl advanced phone call recording tool to track your children’s call logs and listen to their conversations.

Catharine Jeanes

1 month ago

Hello, how much is it app?

Anycontrol: To know the prices, you can send a message to the online chat support unit on the site


2 months ago

How to see a someone's call history secretly?

Anycontrol: For this purpose, you can use AnyControl contact tracking app.


2 months ago

I want a video to teach how to install the program, where can I get it?


2 months ago

Thank goddd i haven't managed to install any call recording program since Android 12


3 months ago

please help, I want to hack my wife's calls and listen to themmm


3 months ago

This one option is enough for me!


3 months ago

how to control calls on iphone ?!

Anycontrol: The iPhone version of the app will be released soon


4 months ago

Good thanks👍

Karter Aitken

4 months ago

I never thought that an app could have so many different and useful options

Ryan walker

4 months ago

The ability to save audio files has made it even more attractive

shaik munwar

5 months ago

Hi, I'm looking for call recorder for Whatsapp or advice any device to hear other conversation secretly and record.

Anycontrol: Sure you can use AnyControl.


5 months ago

Best app for call tracking!!👍😀


5 months ago

Where do I install the app: to the target phone or to my phone ?

Anycontrol: You need to install the app on your target phone.


9 months ago

Does it work in Nigeria

Anycontrol: Yes sure. There is no limitation for users across the world.

Suzie Miller

1 year ago

It's a very great app better than any other app . one-way audio works properly, but when the child is using their microphone example when they are talking on the phone to their friend than one way audio don't work so I can't hear what they are talking about on phone with each other, please fix this issue. Thank You very much 😊


1 year ago

App has a lot options and its very easy to set up all but also think Trial period is 1day🤨. Thets too little! ! ! and I set some how for using a app but nowhere i cant see how long has use time for playing app ???butttttt With all these things, I am satisfied with the purchase I made


1 year ago

well done . wish u the best ☺️


1 year ago

I think some call reports not displayed for me


1 year ago

Can I install this app on my wife's phone?

Anycontrol: hello dear.negative Because this is immoral


1 year ago

I am looking for a missed call tracker app. Does this one work?

Anycontrol: hello dear.Yes, AnyControl provides you with information such as: number, call time, time used, contact name, call recording.

Paul WK

1 year ago

In general, I am satisfied with the program and you supported everything you promised,thank U👏🏻👌🏻🫶🏻


1 year ago

Does it record the conversations or just show the person who was called?

Anycontrol: hello dear.Yes, it does that ... Record conversations,Date,Exact time,The time spent on the call,Record the sound live ... It is the features of anycontrol


1 year ago

I just realized that the reason for the change in my daughter's behavior it was because she was being threatened on the phone. I should have take care of her.

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